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Mexican UFO Footage

Tuesday, 22 June 2004

Mexican UFO Footage
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UFOs Visible On Mexican Military Video

MEXICO (EFE) -- In an unprecedented move for this country--and perhaps the whole world-- military authorities have made public a video showing 11 unidentified flying objects (UFOs) captured by an aircraft belonging to the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA).
This video shall be presented today by journalist and UFO researcher Jaime Maussan.

In an exclusive interview with the La Prensa newspaper, Maussan stated that the Secretary of National Defense himself, Ricardo Clemente Vega Garcia, authorized the broadcast of this material to both domestic and foreign news media.

According to the researcher, the encounter occurred on March 5, when an aircraft belonging to the Mexican Air Force, a Merlin C26/A, was engaged in drug interdiction patrols. At around 17:00 hours it detected the presence of 11 objects following it.

The routine flight took place between Copalar, Chiapas and the State of Campeche. The encounter took place near Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche. It was there that the aircraft, belonging to the 501st Air Squadron was performing its routine patrol when it suddenly detected the presence of an object on its radar at an elevation of 3500 meters, as well as through its infrared equipment (FLIR)..

The airplane immediately pursued the object, which according to the video footage, lost itself in the clouds. Minutes later, the presence of other objects -- for a total of 11 -- was detected. They followed the aircraft and surrounded it.

'We are not alone! This is so weird,' one of the pilots can be heard shouting on the tape.

The 15-minute videotape shows the bright objects, some sharp points of light and others like large headlights, moving rapidly. Lieutenant Mario Adrian Vazquez, the infra-red equipment operator, said: 'I couldn't say what it was - but I think they're completely real.' Lt Vazquez insisted that there was no way to alter the recorded images.

The UFOs were captured on radar and by the FLIR gear. However, they were never seen by the aircrew despite having been two miles distant from the aircraft at one point. The crew consisted of eight monitoring specialists, among them the pilot, Maj. Magdaleno Casta??n Mu?oz, radar operator Lt. Germ?n Martin Ramirez and FLIR operator Mario Adrian V?zquez Tellez.

Mexico's defense secretary says authorities have no opinion yet on whether the bright lights came from UFOs. Defense Secretary Ricardo Vega Garcia says it was clear from the lights that they could not be drug trafficking planes.

But Vega is warning those under him to avoid talking about flying saucers. He says he released the film to a UFO investigator only because it seemed pointless to keep it a military secret.

Charles R. Smith, writing for, says that the UFOs sighted over Mexico are in fact part of a squadron of new stealth strike craft operating from the U.S.

The aircraft are equipped with special infrared light panels that are only visible to special cameras or night vision gear. The panels are used in formation flying outside of hostile airspace to prevent the aircraft from colliding with each other or with support aircraft such as refueling planes. The panels are especially handy during aerial refueling with U.S.A.F. tankers, allowing the tanker operators to visually monitor the stealth planes in total darkness.

The UFOs were spotted on radar as they approached and tailed the Mexican Air Force surveillance plane. However, F-117A Stealth fighters normally operate inside the U.S. with special radar reflective panels attached to their planes in order to be tracked in commercial airspace and not attract attention.

The new stealth aircraft, working inside non-hostile airspace, would most likely be similarly equipped with radar reflective devices. The new stealth aircraft is said to embody the latest technology, including special light panels designed to hide the plane in broad daylight. The Mexican sighting confirms that the U.S. Air Force possess more than one of the new jets.

Both North and South Korean sources have recently reported similar
UFO- like aircraft in the skies of Asia. The sightings are almost identical to the reports filed by the Mexican Air Force.

The North Korean official media outlet recently announced that U.S.
spy aircraft had violated the DPRK airspace over 200 times. The new stealth aircraft has not been identified but the CIA and South Korean intelligence have obtained new data on North Korean missile deployments not normally visible from space.

In addition, the recent UFO sighting in Mexico came within days of a report of a classified aircraft powered by an impulse type engine flying over Utah. The aircraft left a distinctive "donuts-on-a-rope"
contrail in a flight over the Utah Wasatch Mountains.

The March 21st sighting of the pulser jet showed that a conventional chase plane shadowed the classified aircraft, which left a smooth, unbroken, contrail. A mechanical engineer from Salt Lake City photographed the contrasting exhaust plumes.

A pulsejet engine was used during World War II by the German V-1 Buzz bomb, given its name by the distinctive burping sound of the pilot less cruise missile as it flew to its target. The new pulse detonation engine or PDE technology is capable of delivering thousands of times the power of the simple V-1.

U.S. jet engine makers are currently experimenting with several PDE designs. PDE engines use electronic ignition that forces a powerful shock wave down the exhaust tube. The shock wave is so strong that some of it actually bursts out of the front air intake, creating a donut like smoke ring around the exhaust chamber.

More than a decade ago, a similar classified aircraft was spotted and photographed by observers throughout the U.S. The aircraft left a telltale trail of puffs along a long contrail in the sky. However, sightings of the pulser engine aircraft dropped off during the late 1990s.

The sudden reappearance of the "pulser" aircraft, like the UFO sighting in Mexico, is an indication of the increase in the "black"
budget of the Bush administration as compared to the Clinton administration. Sources inside the Pentagon confirmed that several super-secret aerospace programs cancelled or cutback by the Clinton administration were revived by the Bush administration in its pursuit of "RMA" or the "Revolution of Military Affairs."

Source: Scott Corrales and EFE News Agency Translation (C) 2004.Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology
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Posted by truthseekersmidlands at 8:57 PM BST

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