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UFO Sightings between 2003-2004

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January 6 2003


It was approximately 5:30 AM; the early morning sky was crystal clear from strong winds earlier that evening. The witrness left for work, as he got into the car he realized he had left his cell phone in the house, he turned to go back inside the yard when he looked up to see a large formation of what looked like stars in a crescent shape consisting of about 25 to 30 star. Inside the crescent was a large gaseous cloud, which dimmed in and out from a bright off white light to almost invisible. Just to the left of this formation were three large, very bright lights in a triangle pattern, which were fading in and out in a random pattern, around this formation were three or four smaller light similar to the ones in the crescent formation. These objects were moving as one formation in a southeast direction, and then turned due south until they were out of sight. The speed of these objects in relation to their altitude seemed similar to an airliner travelling at 30.000 feet, approximately 380 to 400 MPH. The duration of the sighting was about eight to ten minutes. “I have to this date never seen conventional aircraft fly in this type of close formation and numbers with the unusual light pattern.” The large gases cloud seems to be the nucleolus of the entire formation.

Source:  MUFON-LA


January 21 2003


Residents living in the Forest of Dean, near Gloucester, UK, reported a strange hovering light above Harrow Hill, near Cinderford, during the early hours of Tuesday, January 21, 2003. 
Steven Taylor, 39, one of the residents who saw the light at 12:30 a.m., described the light as “very brilliant.”
“It was like the light of an airplane, but nothing like a helicopter, and it had no sound. I have no idea what it was, and I couldn’t hope to describe it. It was strange!’ said Elizabeth Fletcher, 64,” another local eyewitness.” She added, “It was a very strange pulsating light.”
“I thought that something had entered my house, or that it was the police helicopter,’ Robin Cole said, adding that” the UFO “looked like ‘two brilliant planets that could be seen at the present moment.” 

Source:  This Is Gloucestershire -January 22, 2003.


February 3 2003

Oldbury, West Midlands


On Monday, February 3, 2003, at 9:30 p.m., Matt B. was in Oldbury, Birmingham West, Midlands, UK when he saw a UFO approach from the southwest. Matt reported, "I had just been to the local store. I was looking up into the sky when I thought I saw a jet, but there was no sound of any engines. There were two white lights with a black cylinder shape. Then the lights turned clockwise slowly. Then one light shot off at (high) speed southwest. It was slow at first, then really fast, then it disappeared."

Source: Unknown


February 9 2003


It was about 2:10am, on February 9 2003, when the witness and her mother were looking out of there window, when they noticed a hazy orange glow. It was a round orange ball in the sky, across the road from there home and just above the tree line. It was not a meteor, but it was bright and light orange, and the edges were a red-orange and brighter. The witnesses' mother said, "there was a half-ring of darker flickering 'fire' on the left side. It was very smooth, with no metal sheen. It was unlike most "UFO" Sightings ive read about. It was perfectly solid looking, emitting no glow. Through binoculars, it was a definite sphere ".

Source: Truth Seekers Midlands


February 13 2003



The witness looked up to see a lit up patch in the sky on February 13, 2003. A giant plane the size of a football field went through the gap where the light was at 7:45 AM. My friend and I both saw it. A week later we were standing at the bus stop chatting. When we finished chatting the bus stop had moved five meters. Weird!

Source: Unknown


February 15 2003



The observer was standing on her porch at 4 AM, when suddenly behind her the sky lit up a bright green for a second or two. She states, "I quickly turned around and a few seconds later another bright emerald green flash lit up the sky like lightning for another second or two." I got my boyfriend and waited for something else to happen, but nothing did, but I was scared. 

Source: Peter Davenport 


February 15 2003



My sister and her family were looking out of a window in the family home at 8:30 PM on February 15, 2003, at what they thought was a particularly bright star in the clear night sky. Almost immediately everyone witnessed the "star" start to flash in different colours. No sense of distance could be obtained, other than to observe that what they thought at first to be a star was considerably brighter than any other within their view. The observation lasted unbroken for two hours, in which time it did not appear to move at all.

Source: Peter Davenport


February 16 2003



The witness was monitoring the 8 PM radio transmissions of Burbank Airport Police units talking to each other on their radios. The various police units in different locations were observing six objects flying over the Burbank Airport on February 16, 2003. They were discussing six flying saucers and contacted the tower. The tower contacted the Burbank police helicopter that began searching for the objects. I'm sure all of this radio traffic was recorded by the city of Burbank 911 centre. Also, the tower transmissions would be recorded by the FAA. I, personally, did not see the craft and only heard the radio communications.

Source: The Ufo Casebook


February 18 2003



At 6:20 PM, the witness was walking north shortly after sunset on February 18, 2003, and noticed an airliner approaching and saw two black fluttering objects moving towards the east. They sort of dipped and weaved across the sky. I noticed a small orange light coming from the rear of the objects. I thought that they were stealth fighter aircraft, however, there were no lights and no sound. They soon disappeared in the east. This was the second time in two weeks that I have seen these strange objects.

Source: The Ufo Casebook


February 20 2003


A father and son report seeing an odd light on top of the Northumberland Strait almost every night from 10 to 11 PM for almost three years. It is bright white, then changes orange - Yellow and never makes a sound. It hovers around 100 feet in the air but never takes off from land. At about 10 PM, it just appears and hovers for 15-20 minutes, flies a kilometre east, and returns. On February 20, 2003, my friend and I went down to the beach to watch. At 10:15 PM, the light appeared, so we went home to tell my Father. After twenty minutes, at 10:36 PM, it started to move quickly east, then turned and flew west, stopped and became very bright. A second bright light appeared. A jet plane passed between the two bright lights and then a third REALLY bright light appeared. For the first time, we were watching three really bright lights until 11:15 PM, when they just disappeared.

Source: The Ufo Casebook


February 22 2003

New Mexico

On Saturday, February 22, 2003, at 6:45 p.m., Steve Goldman reports, "I was facing north, coming off the highway, Interstate I-25, at the Griegos exit" in Albuquerque, New Mexico (population 448,607) when "a bright fluorescent blue lozenge-shaped object flew from the west, coming down at around 30 degrees.  It seemed to be travelling very fast, crossing about a third of my view of the horizon in about two seconds.  When it reached what appeared to be the height of Sandia Peak, 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) it simply 'turned off' and disappeared from view."  "The object was about the size of an aspirin held at arm's length and was a very bright fluorescent blue until it disappeared.  The brightness and colour were constant while it was in view." 


February 23 2003
Cork Harbour


Six UFOs were seen heading over Cork Harbour at 8:45 PM, on February 23, 2003, in a southwest direction at incredible speed. They seemed to be in formation in a line, but the extreme right UFO did a slight wobble and then they disappeared out of the line of sight due to a tree in way. They seemed in perfect control. I am well used to seeing shooting stars and normal transatlantic airplane traffic. Most certainly these objects were none of those.

Source: Unknown


February 24 2003


Witnesses were walking along a dirt road by our place outside of Shelton at 11:30 AM, on February 24, 2003, when I heard a deep roar of a jet engine. I looked up to see what was making the noise, and noticed an airliner going very slow, almost ready to stall, with a small silver disc under the aircraft. I told my wife, and kids to look at that in the sky. We watched the little silver craft pace the larger airliner for ten seconds then the little disc shot ahead, and above, in front, of the airliner and shot off. They were both heading in a northerly direction at that point.

Source: The Ufo Casebook


February 26 2003



On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, at 4:30 p.m., Andrew B. was in Priory Park, Reigate, Surrey, UK when he noticed a UFO approaching from the east. Andrew reported, "Me and my friend Simon were in the park playing football (soccer in the USA--J.T.) When we saw this 'craft' fly across the sky in front of us. At first we dismissed it as a low- flying model aircraft. But after examining the speed of the object, we realised that this could not be so."

Andrew described the UFO as "silver, flattened, metallic. It seemed to be a flattened cylindrical shape. It was 100 to 150 feet (30 to 45 meters) off the ground, extremely fast, for it crossed the sky from one horizon to the other in 20 seconds or so."

Source: Unknown


February 28 2003


Hollywood, California (Beachwood Canyon in foothills near the Hollywood sign)
a female witness was suddenly awakened and immediately wide-awake at 4:13 AM. She went to the kitchen for water and observed her four cats looking out the dining room window to the S-S/W. The sky was partly cloudy and light as she looked in the direction of the cats’ interest and observed a bright white, saucer –shaped UFO across the canyon. It was at an elevation off the horizon at a distance of one mile and above the trees on the ridge. The solid-appearing object with diffuse edges was pulsating, hovering and spinning as it cast a white light on the trees and house on the ridge. The witness estimated the size of the object to be about that of a standard car or three times the size of a full moon.
The object hovered for a minute before slowly moving to the west. The witness proceeded to the living room where more cats were looking up at it. It then moved back to the east as she attempted to telepathically communicate with its’ occupants before it rose and descended three times. It then “turned off,” no longer being visible against the dark sky. The total time of the sighting was about three minutes. About five minutes later, two helicopters converged to that area without floodlights. They circled the area for about three minutes, making lots of noise and then left. On Monday, March 3, 2003, the witness questioned people at the local market (Beachwood) about the sighting, but no one inside the store had knowledge of it. However, a man in his 40’s followed the witness to her car in the parking lot and admitted that he lived “up that way” and saw the UFO because his dogs had awakened him. When asked if he would be a witness, he laughed and declined.

Source: MUFON-LA


April 10 2003


Mrs Lewis of Brunel Road, Bedminster Down, Bristol, England reported the following sighting, which took place at around 00.32am, April 10 2003. “It was just after half past midnight, I had gone down the Garden to check the Aviary was locked, then I saw two huge lights, like Football pitch floodlights. I awoke my Husband who witnessed the event, even he, a sceptic said It was weird, at first he thought It might be a balloon, but It did not move, would not have gone up, not that time of the night, and there were no flames to add hot air In the balloon to raise It, It could not have been lights on the top of a crane, or we would have heard a noise, this was absolutely silent. Anyway my Husband decided he would take a photo of it, when all of a sudden the lights went out, and you could make out to Brazil nut shapes, that just vanished into thin air. The odd thing is that I have asked around, and nobody has seen It, so what on earth was It, did I see an unidentified flying object? Whether the photo will come out is something I am not sure of, but If It does I can download It, If need be. What I would like to know Is why did I see It, and my Husband, but everyone else seems somewhat oblivious to It. Any Ideas to what I may have seen will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.”

Source:  UFO Sightings UK


April 20 2003


Unidentified craft seen accelerating to massive speeds then instantly change direction over Wolverhampton, in the West Midlands.

The craft appeared to be a standard civilian jumbo jet at first glance. The witness said “All you could see was the lights on what appeared to be the wings. As I was watching it it travelled north. It accelerated to an astonishing speed then instantly shot south east and then it disappeared behind a hill.

(An unidentified twin propeller engined American reconnaissance aircraft was seen within 1 mile of the sighting less than 2 hours before the UFO appeared.)

Source:  UFO Research Midlands


April 24 2003


A UFO was spotted over Mersea Island just 90 minutes before a passenger jet pilot reported a similar sighting at Stansted. Police have confirmed the "experienced" Boeing 737 captain radioed air traffic control to report a UFO just two miles from the airport. A police spokesman told the Evening Gazette: "He thought he saw another aircraft flying in front of him, but there was no near miss. There was another report that someone saw what seemed like a ball of fire." A ground patrol at Stansted also reported seeing shooting stars. Police say the runway was checked as a precaution but nothing was found. The control tower logged the incident as an "unidentified flying object". Less than two hours earlier a former taxman was shocked to see a UFO shoot across the sky while out walking his dog. John Wilson, 69, was near his East Mersea home when he spotted the bright ball-shaped light in the sky. The strange sighting happened at 9.15pm on April 11. A police spokesman said there were no other reports of UFOs over Mersea Island that night. They are "keeping an open mind" over the Stansted incident

Published Thursday, April 24, 2003   Brought to you by the Evening Gazette


May 3 2003


Report from Leamington Spa: High in the sky, details not visible to the eye. Sightseer reports that it banked in a similar way to a micro light and it travelled at a similar speed. Any ideas?? View pics at:

Source:  UFO Sightings UK


May 6 2003


3 unidentified flying objects were seen dancing in the sky making loud shrieking noises over Birmingham. The witness & his colleagues were on our way home from a business conference in London when we pulled in at the service station to get some more fuel and some supplies.  “We all got out of the mini bus as we had been in there for quite a while and our legs needed stretching. It was when we were coming out of the service station, (going back to the bus) when we heard a deafening noise and saw three objects speeding across the sky, they were light up with bright lights and each one had 3 red lights in a circular shape, near the centre of the bottom of each object. The objects seemed to dance in the sky making shrieking sounds. Then within a second they were gone and there was this eerie feeling, like there was a storm about to happen. We couldn't believe what we had seen; we all were amazed. We stayed in the mini bus for a while before we left.”

Source:  UFO Research Midlands


July 2003


A couple noticed an inverted cone-shape object fly overhead at an altitude of 400 feet over Wichita, Kansas. Its speed was estimated at between 100-200 mph but made no sound, it flew straight north and was gone in approximately one minute. It was probably 3 feet in diameter on the top and 5 feet in diameter at the bottom said one of the witnesses. When it flew over it was circular from the bottom, it passed over Wichita airport did not make any noise, and wasn't a bird, balloon or plane. I have a science education, and have worked for two aerospace firms. My girl friend and are both familiar with birds and air traffic.

Source: Cool hand ( UFO Sightings Assistant Manager)


July 6 2003


A wave of UFO sightings, coupled with unprecedented levels of animal mutilation reports are emerging from Argentina. Two rural cattlemen, Manuel Alesso and Rual Blengio, reported seeing UFOs near Arroyo Venado, Buenos Aires. Mr. Blengio said he was certain they have something to do with the cattle mutilations. At 9:30pm on 6 July, 25 people in the village of Carmen de Patagones, Patagones province, watched a luminous object hover overhead for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, researchers at the Universidad Nacional De Rio Cuarto reiterated that a calf found mutilated in Berrotarn had clean incisions in its hide and ruled out death by predators. Another mutilated bovine with missing eyes and genitals was recently discovered near the town of San Pedro, Santa Rosa. Editorial note: According to informed sources, a herd of 500 cattle were found dead and mutilated in the western provinces of Argentina in mid-July. An ex-pat from England is sending video-tapes of local TV news bulletins that reported on the incident. He says that the area was swamped by NASA personnel and men wearing unmarked US-style combat fatigues. An official explanation that the cattle were killed by a swarm of deadly wasps has been met with disbelief by angry ranchers. Curiously, one rancher who could not account for 19 cows later found them alive - but in a state of shock - in a raised water tower that sits on top of a mound and is sealed by a heavy lid.

Source: Cool hand ( UFO Sightings Assistant Manager)


July 22 2003


A BBC cameraman spotted three bright lights in the sky over the Malvern’s near the village of Hanbury on Tuesday July 22, and filmed them with a video camera. Some thought it could have been flares. But cameraman Tom Hines, who works on the BBC drama series Doctors, said he is convinced it was a UFO. BBC Online 22nd July 2003. Following the article, UFORM contacted the BBC to request further details. Members will be aware of the ongoing investigation into the sightings in the Himley Triangle following the second sighting of a star-like object with a tail in the vicinity of the Dudley earthquake. The BBC News footage taken by Tom Hines on 22nd July occurred right in the middle of the period we had predicted and although possibly a coincidence, needs further investigation. UFORM have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of sightings in the period 10th - 23rd July and are continuing their investigations. For more information please visit the BBC Hereford and Worcester Website at: -

Source:  UFO Research Midlands


August 1st 2003


Witness Roy Fielding reported: I am just writing to report a sighting by my wife and I today at about 5.15pm. I am reporting in the hope that somebody else also witnessed this sighting. The sky was bright and sunny, with patchy clouds.

My wife had just picked me up from work in Cheadle, Cheshire and we then headed down towards Stockport in the car. After a couple of minutes, my wife spotted something unusual in the sky. I also looked and could see a rod shape in the sky.

The rod was initially looking a matte pencil-lead colour and was about 30 to 40 degrees up at quite a distance. After a couple of minutes, it got closer and I assumed it was about the size of a passenger jet.

The motion of the rod was unusual and didn't seem to have any normal pattern. It just hovered to and fro at a steady pace, changes direction at times and sometimes just hovering, but re-orienting on the spot. At one point, the object tilted and turned, which created a bright reflective glint to pass over it as it reflect the sun. This made the object's normally matte looking surface appear more metallic.

My wife and I were engrossed and knew this was not any conventional craft. At it's closest (still probably a mile or two away) we could see no makings, protrusions or trails. The object simply looked like a rod in the sky. We tried to follow the object, heading into Stockport, but we lost it as we approached the main roundabout in Stockport (near the big Blue Pyramid building (Co-Operative)).

We did some frantic searching until we spotted the object again. This time the object seemed to have ascended and was further away, heading in the direction of Longdendale\Glossop. The object seemed to be going above cloud level, but remained clear of the clouds that were dotted around for a few minutes.

We tried to track the object further, by heading down the M60 (towards Glossop) but the object just got away to far and high. We lost it after about 10 to 15 minutes of trying to track it.

This is by far the most exciting thing I've seen and really got my wife and I fired up. Some other people MUST have seen this object too.

So, there you go. My sighting and I hope some other people will report it and also, that some of you find it interesting.

Source: UFO


August 30 2003


Monterey Park, CA, residents saw a red shimmering light in the southern skies overnight, only they believed it wasn't the planet Mars but a UFO. Monterey Park police received a couple of calls about an unidentified flying object, as did local television stations and nearby Montebello police, which also fielded about a dozen calls about the same time last week.
The flickering, saucer-shaped light hovered and zigzagged from the southwest to the northwest, said resident Irma Corza, who saw the first
UFO about 10:30 last night with other family members. The first light made a flash and disappeared, but then another object showed up, and then a third around 11p.m., she said. That object, she said, was flat and red and shimmered in the night sky, which is not unlike how astronomers have described the planet Mars, which is the closest to Earth that it has been in thousands of years. But Corza noted that planets don't zigzag.
She said they watched the UFO through a telescope and captured it on video. "It's the most amazing thing," Corza said of the image she captured with her video camera
. "It looked like a," she paused, "saucer, and it's just turning and turning. It goes brighter and then it fades a little and then it gets brighter again." "in the frame it's just moving, zigzagging, moving in a circle. It comes toward the video camera and then pulls away. Then it gets really bright and disappears." When asked what she thought it might be, she said "a UFO."
She said the first object was in the sky for about 20 minutes and the last one for about 30 minutes.
She said about seven members of her family plus two neighbours saw the UFO, as did a friend from San Gabriel who also shot video of the object. She said it looked like a coin on its side spinning around, while her friend said he saw something flying beneath it. Monterey Park police got two calls about a light in the sky, said Monterey Park police Sgt. Pete Pigulsawas. The callers said they saw a red marking glow in the sky, he said.
The dispatchers who received the two calls "went out to look and saw nothing in the sky," he said, so no police were dispatched.
KCAL9 also got about 10 calls regarding a UFO from the Montebello area the same time last weekend, said the station's Ernest Kung. Montebello police also received a couple of calls about an odd light in the sky last night, plus 8-10 calls about the same time last week, said Lt. Greg Wilsey. He said a couple of Montebello officers responding to the reports last weekend looked up in the sky and saw a red light that moved "straight up and faded away." "They had absolutely no idea what it was," he said.


Source: MUFON-LA


September 8 2003


Residents in Wishaw, Scotland, reported a UFO sighting to their local newspaper (The Wishaw Press). They reported a green light in the sky, above Craigneuk on Monday September 8, at around 9:30pm. The green light had been seen in the sky, at a height of around 400 feet, before shooting off into the Muirhouse direction. Two witnesses, Rose Gilespie and Marion Vance were travelling by car when they spotted the green light in the sky, they read about the sighting in the Wishaw Press, which was published on September 19 and contacted them with their sighting. Mrs Vance said “ We were coming down from Grangemouth on Monday evening. We were about two miles from Auchenkillen roundabout near Cleland. My friend saw it first, then said ‘ what’s that?’, then I looked up. It just flew right across in front of us, then dropped down a bit, and went out of sight. It was very bright green, very fast, and a bit scary. Never in my life have I seen anything like that”.

Another Craigneuk resident, who asked not to be named, also saw the green light. He said, “ My dog ran across the road to a neighbours house. The hackles were up on his back, and then I looked up. It was dark, but there was this bright green light-it wasn’t pulsating or anything, but it was a bit of a shocker.”

For the full press report visit:

Source: Paul J Grey of Lanarkshire UFO Society




Correct date Unknown


A father & his son were visiting a friend in Weyauwega. He said “I am reluctant to reveal the exact location out of concern for my friend's privacy as well as my own. However the general location is just North of Main street on the East side of 110 and South of the train tracks. My boy was sledding in the snow and I was taking pictures. It was in the evening and was starting to get dark pretty quickly. My son pointed up to the sky and we noticed some lights’ coming in from what I believe is the southwest

At that point I just pointed the camera up and took the shots. The object really gave me the impression of a balloon - except for the lights. They seemed to cycle all different patterns. The object passed almost directly overhead and then headed south towards the train tracks. As the object passed I could make out more of a disk shape than a balloon shape. I just remember my son asking me over and over what it was and I didn't have a clue.”


Source: Aliens the Truth


September 21 2003


On Sunday, September 21, 2003, "a large cigar-shaped object was seen over Zwartewaterland, in Overijssel," in the Netherlands. "An amateur astronomer watched the object through his professional Oberwerk 11 X 70 binoculars on a tripod for about 20 minutes. The object, flying at a height of 7 kilometres (23,100 feet), looked like a small letter L without the loop. The object was yellow. At the end of the sighting, the witness noticed two small star- like lights beneath the object, which went on in turns, with an interval of two seconds."

Source: East 2 West UFO Society (E2WUFOS)


September 26th 2003

Highway 13, 12 miles south of Warrensburg near the intersection of Highway 2.


Numerous vehicles pulled off to the side of the road and witnessed a parallel set of six bright amber lights that arched over about 100 feet in the air. Witnesses stated that over 20 cars had pulled off to the side of the road and witnessed this event. Oddly enough, not one of the witnesses talked among themselves after the UFO departed. They just got back in their cars and drove off.

Another report was submitted to about this same sighting. The witness stated a round, brightly lighted UFO, flying over a field suddenly zoomed over and stopping above my car. A bright yellow spotlight came underneath the UFO as the witness looked through his windshield. He went on to say that the UFO was as large as a house. The spotlight moved back and forth across the road as the UFO swayed in the same manner. The UFO moved so unusual that made it stunning to watch. An approaching car in the other direction then stopped in front of the spotlight. Both drivers watched as the UFO slowly backed over the field again, only to disappear when the light on it blinked out. Again the drivers drove away without discussing their sighting.

Source: News-Xpress, Butler, Missouri 26 September 2003 edition.


September 27th 2003


Sighting: just outside Bangor in North Wales near Menai Bridge, on 27/09/03 at about 2-am. The witness reported, “We were leaving our accommodation to drive back to London. As we got outside we saw a light in the sky it was in the shape of circle formed by several (8 - 12) eye shaped lights.

At first it seemed like a projection from the ground and it was moving away from us towards a field and then it would come back until directly on top of us. The size of the circle would get smaller and larger as it moved back and forth, (almost pulsating) but not rhythmically. After discussion (3 of us) we decided it must be a projection although it was so close and we were in the country and could not explain where it was coming from, we decided to get in the car and go. As we travelled down the road i was watching the light and to my amazement i was sure it was moving with us, even following us. I screamed at my friend to stop the car further down the road (at least half a mile) and we stopped in a pub car park. The circle had definitely moved and was directly above our car. We watched for several minutes convinced that this was definitely something ‘abnormal’, and then with a blink it disappeared.

I am convinced we have seen 'something', has anybody else seen this shape/type before or that night?

Colour/Shape: white/yellow eye shaped lights forming circular shape

Height & Speed: about 20 - 40 feet moving back and forth overhead travelling at a relaxed speed.

Source: UFO


September 29 2003


On Monday, September 29, 2003, at 8:30 p.m., eyewitness A.W. noticed a strange object in the night sky over Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, which she described as "bigger than Mars and bright white.” It did not flash and was a continuous light. An aircraft approached from the southeast, and the object departed to the northeast. The light moved faster and disappeared when the aircraft was nearing it.” After the aircraft was out of sight, two small lights suddenly appeared where the large light had disappeared. They flew in a northwesterly direction, parallel. The top one was a little in front of the one below. They flashed white simultaneously, then nothing and then red.” An hour later, I was casually looking out the window and saw another pair of flashing red and white lights flying from the northwest to the southeast. These faded as an aircraft entered the vicinity and became brighter once the aircraft had flown by.” Ten seconds later, they just vanished. Not 40 seconds later, two more of the same lights appeared, following the same direction as the previous two. I called to Tom to have a look. All of them made no noise at all."

Source: East 2 West UFO Society (E2WUFOS)


September 30 2003


Tuesday night, September 30, 2003, a young couple witnessed three strange objects in the crystal-clear sky. After a visit to the pizzeria, the couple walked back home. The male witness states: "Around 9 PM, we left the pizzeria and were walking when I saw a huge bright fierce light, three times brighter than Mars. The continuous light moved in a straight line and after 15 seconds it gained altitude at high speed it became smaller and disappeared. Then two flying triangles approached, one from one direction and one from the opposite direction. These black objects had pulsating white lights that were not like airplane lights. They dimmed from bright to a weak light. As we watched we saw two massive triangles with lights on each corner approach and move exactly to the spot where the bright light disappeared into space. They hovered for some time, and next flew back to the direction where they came from. It was very frightening.

Source:  East 2 West UFO Society (E2WUFOS)


October 4 2003
Pleasant Hill West-Central Missouri


On the Morning of 4 October 2003, a farmer reported that a strange crop formation was discovered. His brother-in-law found a 10-foot square of cut corn in the middle of the pasture. The square was perfectly cut all the way to the ground. The site showed no signs of footprints, tracks or other machinery indentations in the area. All the corncobs had been removed and placed in the ground standing up to form a pattern. The farmer stated it looked like an 18 or 81 with one being significantly smaller then the eight. The farmer also stated that by looking at it from other angles it puts the eight on its side as to appear like a symbol of infinity.

Source: News-XPress, Butler, Missouri 24 October 2003 edition.


October 15 2003


About 8:30 PM, on Wednesday night October 15, 2003, a father and daughter were setting up their telescope when she noticed a bright light. It was below and to the left of Mars and shining slightly brighter. I looked in my software (The Sky) to verify that there was not a star that bright in that area so I set up my telescope to photograph the object. It then disappeared, but almost immediately we then noticed some red/blue blinking lights approaching out of the east. As they got closer we could tell that there were eight planes flying two abreast. Two continued heading west, two circled around overhead for 30 minutes, two went south, and two more went north.

Source: Peter Davenport UFO centre


October 17 2003



On October 17, 2003 at 10:05 PM, a 37-year entrepreneur from Overijssel witnessed a strange object at a height of 900 meters. He saw a spherical, bright, white light flying at high speed. The witness lives in a remote, rural area, with nearly no light sources. "The very big bright 'star' disappeared almost straight above me," said the witness. "Like the previous two sightings, this object rose at a high speed, at least 1000 km/h, in a straight line up into the sky and disappeared. It didn't make any sound." Thanks to Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza


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November 3 2003



The witness was driving from Dublin to Wexford on Monday 3 November 2003, at around 5pm. It was a beautiful evening, the sun had only just gone down below the horizon and there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky, but the remaining daylight made it impossible to observe any stars at this time. He observed two airliners through his car windscreen, one following the other. It was there contrails that first caught his eye illuminated by the setting sun. “Then, away to the left of the aircraft, another bright object caught my attention. I stopped the car to get out and have a closer look. I had a pair of binoculars in the car and grabbed them. What I saw was an object, as large as life, and a shape I had never seen before. It was stationary and it looked to me like a typical flying saucer. I got a good view, so I was able to draw what I clearly observed. I watched the object for about 15 seconds and then it just gradually faded away. The two aircrafts crew must have seen the object as well.

Source: UFO Magazine (February 2004)


November 12, 2003
British Columbia

A witness called and reported seeing more bright green lights in the area. This witness tells me that the light was very low in the sky and travelling in a straight line for a short distance then made a slight change in direction heading to the north. The object appeared in the sky for approx: 8 seconds before the witness lost sight of it. He told me due to how low it was flying and so very bright he thought it was very odd looking. He told a friend, and his friend told him to contact me to file a report.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


The following report was posted on Paranormal News

Post Date: November 21 2003


A team of three mechanics from Salta, who had ventured out to rescue a minibus belonging to a Canadian scientific expedition on the Chilean side of the Andean region bordering the provinces of Salta and Jujuy, had an unexpected brush with the unusual: an unidentified flying object (UFO) of considerable size, spherical, and having an "impressive white luminosity" 
followed them for over two hours on a straight road that links the communities of Susques and Punamarca through the international Jama Pass. 
"I’d never been so scared. That thing didn’t belong to this world. It moved at an impossible speed and at one point came so close to us we thought it would collide," said Raul Eduardo Oviedo Tomas of the "Forani" mechanic shop in Salta. The North American researchers were stranded at San Pedro de Atacama. Headed by Dr. Randall, the scientists were conducting a survey of Cordilleran flora. 
"We left Saturday on 4:45 from Salta toward the Cordillera. I asked two friends--Marco Figueroa and Alejandro--to accompany me so I wouldn’t have to do either the work or the journey alone. This was the first time I had driven those roads, and I was truly impressed, not just by the landscape and the desolation, but by the hardship. One has to climb a 70 kilometre-long incline to reach Chile, which can destroy the engine of any unit driven by a inexperienced motorist," said Oviedo Tomas, 37, with an athletic build. 
He added: "We reached San Pedro de Atacama around 14 hours on the same day, but [upon reaching the site] we realized that it would be impossible to tow the Canadian minibus with my S10 Chevy--it weighed over 5000 kilos and one good look at its structure and equipment sufficed to establish that the only way to get it out of there would be using a "mosquito truck" or something similar. We therefore decided to return home." 
Without hesitation, taking deep drags of a cigarette, Oviedo Tomas went on: 
"The road on the Argentinean side is truly horrible, especially when contrasted with the Chilean side, which is like a paved pool table, with signage and road markings. At that point, shortly before reaching Susques, the stones caused us a blow-out, which caused us to continue the trip under stress, since there was no other spare tier. We thought to repair it in the little town [Susques] but the tire repairman was on holiday, so we had to continue regardless. It was still Saturday." 
"At around 20:00 we left Susques for Punamarca. We were listening to music and remarking about the impressive darkness and loneliness of this area, which is an upland plateau. Suddenly the lights and radio went out. I braked because I couldn’t see anything at all due to the darkened. "Stop fooling around!" Alejandro told me from the back seat." 
"Meanwhile, I was moving all of the knobs and to see what had happened. 
Nothing worked, only the engine. Suddenly, on my right and at an [undetermined] distance, I saw a strange light. It was a small sphere that irradiated an intense white light. ’Did you see that?’ asked Marcos. I never got to answer, even though I thought [the light] was what they call ’la luz mala’ (the evil light), because it started moving swiftly toward us until it became enormous. It stopped and remained static. ’Don’t look at it!’ I told my friends, although I don’t know why. I accelerated and poured on as much speed as possible, however, that ’thing’ started to fly again in a perfect straight line. It didn’t make a single sound. Suddenly, it gained speed and in less than a second it vanished toward the bottom of the plain." 
"We were quiet and didn’t make a single remark, although all of us asked each other many times ’Did you see it? Did you see it?’ We went on in silence, although not for long, because other things happened that were truly unbelievable." 

Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Mercedes Casas and Luis E. Pacheco.

Source:  Paranormal News


December 17 2003


WEST DUBLIN, N.S. -- The object was heading northwest, up the LaHave River toward Bridgewater, on December 17, 2003, at 11:30 AM. The object witnessed by two 40-year-old males was described as shuttle shaped, but flying upside down with something, perhaps a rudder, pointing downward. The object was triangular shaped and reflecting sunlight. It was observed for ten minutes, moving quite slowly and across the wind [easterly] and estimated at 7,500 feet and crossed over the witnesses. It was the size of a dime at arms length. No sound.


Thanks to Sheldon MacLeod-radio announcer CKBW, Bridgewater.

Source: George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern


December 26 2003

Northern Indiana


Three police officers who say a strange object drifted through the skies of Huntington, Indiana (population 17,450) are trying to find someone else who saw it--whatever it was.

Officer Chip Olinger was warming up his car Friday, December 26, 2003, when he reported seeing a circular object in the sky and radioed Officers Greg Hedrick and Randy Hoover, who also saw it.

All three say they watched as the object moved out of the northwest, drifted toward a church steeple, then shot straight ahead north without a sound in an encounter that lasted less than a minute about 2:30 p.m.

The trio described the object as about the size of a hot-air balloon or a backyard trampoline. They said it was low enough in the sky that Olinger thought it might crash into the steeple. They say it stopped a few times and spinned slowly; changing shapes and, at one point, turned orange, probably from reflected sunlight.

It wasn't any kind of flying saucer I can think of,' Olinger told the Herald-Press, 'and it wasn't like a '50s flying saucer. It was this big, but it didn't have a bulge in the middle.'

As unusual as their sighting was, the three officers may have been the only witnesses. No one called city, county or Indiana State Police to report it.

And, for a few days, they didn't say anything about it.

We thought people would think we were crazy,' Hoover said.

But now, the officers wonder if anyone else saw it and are hoping they come forward with their own accounts.

Diane Redlich, a manager at Huntington Municipal Airport, said several aircraft took off from the airport that afternoon, but there's no record of any out-of-the- ordinary craft making either a takeoff or a landing at Huntington.

Bill Scott at Fort Wayne's Smith Field doesn't have any clues, either. 'Other than Santa Claus heading home, I don't know what it could have been,' he said.

Huntington, Ind. is located at the junction of Highways 5 and 224 about 105 miles (168 kilometres) northeast of Indianapolis, the state capital.

(See the Huntington, Indiana Herald-Press for January 5, 2004. Many thanks to Steve Wilson Sr. and Jim Hickman for this newspaper article.)

Source: Joseph Trainor- UFO Round Up



December  27 2003



A UFO was seen on December 27, 2003, between 1 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. in the barrio El Patio de la Madera (neighbourhood) of the city of Rosario, 250 kilometres (150 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

“The luminous object travelled from west to east at a speed similar to that of an airliner. Upon seeing the object, the witness ran for his camcorder but couldn't find a free tape, so he chose not to waste any more time and used his digital camera, instead.”

"Rosario is less than 60 kilometres (36 miles) from Victoria in the province of Entre Rios, which is famous for sightings of lights similar to the UFO seen on Saturday."

“A fisherman recognized the object and said that it was identical to others he had seen in the past over the same area.”

Source: Joseph Trainor- UFO Round Up



December 28 2003


A Post Office worker in Leeds, West Yorkshire, was on his way to work on Sunday morning, 28th December 2003, just before 8am. Living in Bramley, a suburb of the city. He was driving down Armley Road close to the prison. Looking towards the southwest of the city towards Morley, he noticed in the distance, a strange object in the early morning sky. He described a shapeless object, dark in colour with no visible lights or audible sound (he was in his car at the time). “ It was sort of like an eighth moon with a piece missing, it just looked really odd and I felt as though what I was looking at was not normal.” The sighting only lasted for a short time as the Post Office worker had to turn off the main road to get to his office, and on this part of his journey the view was obscured by buildings. However, before losing sight of this strange object he saw an aircraft (could have been a helicopter but it was too far away to be sure) approach the shape “as if it was checking it out”. On arriving to his place of work he scoured the skies but could see nothing. Whatever he saw left a lasting impression of strangeness with him.

Source: UFO Magazine (February 2004)


December 31, 2003



Mrs. Christine Beech, 62, of Cherry Tree Close, Golcar, saw two unidentified flying objects flying overhead at 12:35 a.m. on Wednesday," December 31, 2003, after she stayed up to watch a late-night film. “ I was looking towards Longwood Edge when I saw a circular yellow thing that came over the horizon, followed by another one,” she said.

It started moving towards where I live, the first one came and turned round and went back over the horizon, then the other one came over the house, and I do not know where it went.”

Mrs. Beech's husband, Brian, and daughter Bev also witnessed the craft after she called them to the window. “It was not an aeroplane because we see a lot of those, as we are on the flight path to Manchester,” said Mrs. Beech. “They were a golden orange colour, illuminated all over and shaped rather like a squashed sphere, like a child's spinning top.”

Mrs. Beech said the craft were moving fast and looked as thought they had come over from Lindley and Salendine Nook.

She heard no engine and thought they were not very high in the sky. “I definitely knew what I saw and it was something I have never seen before,” she added.

Mr. Malcolm Stapp, 74, of Salendine Nook, was the first person to tell the Examiner of the strange craft he had witnessed on Monday morning, December 29, 2003, “which seemed very similar to Mrs. Beech's account.” (For more, see UFO Roundup, volume 9, number 1 for January 7, 2004, "First panthers, now UFOs--the Huddersfield mystery," page 3.)

Mrs. Gloria Gill, of High Green, Lepton, also reports seeing an unusual aircraft early on Tuesday morning, December 30, 2003, after she was watching a film at 12:30 a.m.

“I thought it was a plane coming in too low because we are on a few flight paths here,” she said. “But as I watched it, it was not moving, it was just hovering. I opened a window but could not hear an engine.”

“It hovered for about a half hour over the houses in Rowley Lane, then went back towards Woodsome. I saw one half an hour later over Woodsome.


(See the Huddersfield Daily Examiner for January 6, 2004, "We visit Mars, but who's visiting us?" Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this newspaper article.)

Source: Joseph Trainor- UFO Round Up



January 4, 2004



Two witnesses observed on January 4, 2004, 12:30 AM, on the Main North Road near Parafield Airport four dull glowing orange lights hovering over the area. Mark age 23, and his wife Elizabeth stopped the car and got out for a better look. At first the objects were hovering in the shape of the Southern Cross. After manoeuvring backwards and forwards for a while they formed a line, one after the other. During this time they flashed a little and moved off into the distance. One faded out and then they all faded. This is interesting because Adelaide does have a curfew on take-offs and landings (11.00pm at night). Conclusion: Garbage bags or balloons cannot go back and forth!


Thanks to Debbie Payne AURA - AUFORN and Diane Harrison -Australian Sky watch Director

Source: George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern – The Filers Files #3-2004



January 4, 2004


FT. MYERS – The object appeared almost the size of the full moon as it flew over on January 4, 2004, at 2:30 PM. The witnesses had a very clear and razor sharp view of a very thin disk. The "bottom" surface appeared shaded, and upper surface was highly reflective and showed a wide low bulge nearly filling the diameter. It was definitely a disk, and definitely nearly flat on it's "upper" and "lower" surfaces. It behaved like a balloon, drifting and turning, climbing and dipping, bobbing weightlessly, in a more or less easterly direction. It did not appear to be under "control" or "doing" anything. It was big and definitely "hardware," and not a cloud. Nearby airfields are: Paige Field, and SW Florida International Airport. This occurred in or near the landing path for some of the air traffic. The disk had a bulge on one face, and was 30 feet across, that reflected sunlight and bobbed around at 3-5000 feet.

Source:  Peter Davenport of National UFO Reporting Centre


January 6, 2004


GUILFORD – On January 6, 2004, at about 8:40 PM, the eye- witness was told to look outside by his little sister who was observing something in the air. She went to the door and saw something rising straight up in the shape of a flying triangle with 400 lights. The witness states, “After a few minutes, it stopped and the blinking lights were not visible and it flew right over my house.” The lights were on the bottom of the UFO, so I believe the UFO was rising with the nose in the air. We watched it until it headed northwest and out of sight. My dogs were freaking out the whole time the UFO was near. The UFO rose straight up in the air, nose up, then stopped, straightened so the nose was pointing at us and then flew away.

Peter Davenport the Director of NUFORC spoke with this witness, and she sounded quite sincere and credible.

Source:  George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern



January 11 2004


ALMELO, Overijssel -- A 47-year old witness was walking a dog outside on Sunday, January 11, 2004, around 8:15 PM, when he saw a huge massive triangle-shaped object. At the moment of the sighting the sky was very clear and the stars were very clearly visible. The huge triangle with red lights on each of the three corners. The witness states, "In the middle of the object there were five lights in a small triangle, there were three indigo blue-coloured lights in the middle, and two red lights on each side. The wind blew suddenly very hard from another direction possibly caused by the craft. There were no engine sounds.

The craft moved slowly from the east to the west with two bright white sphere lights on top." The object was very big, much bigger than a jet and was 250 meters distant and a height of also 250 meters. It was moving slowly at a constant speed of 30 km/h as it passed overhead the witness. When the object had passed the witness, he noticed that above the object it had a hilly shape and on top of that 2 sphere-shaped bright lights. The sighting caused some psychological side effects: "I came home nervously and stayed in that condition for a couple of hours. I had a strange, restless feeling. During the sighting I was for a moment frightened, a kind of panic almost," He also reported the sighting to the Air Force Base Twente, but they said they don't do anything with the report. However, even though it was Sunday, a half hour later he could hear fighter jets fly over! Thanks to: Toine Trust Site Admin UFOPlaza - UFOPortal Editor UFOPlaza Nieuwsbrief site:



Drawing made by witness.

Soruce: George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern



January 15 2004



An employee of this major municipality during his routine work as a traffic engineer took a photograph of a level railway crossing at Beveridge north of Melbourne using a digital camera.

When it was downloaded from the camera on to a computer an object appeared in the sky on photograph.


This Council has no opinion about the object. We just do not know what the object could be and would welcome any explanation. This Council believes it has an obligation to pass the image on to the relevant authorities for their consideration and investigation. The image has been referred by Council to the Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science & Technology Organisation, and the Civil Aviation Authority. Council is considering referring it to NASA and other authorities.

Source: Jim Linton, Communications Officer.


January 21 2004

Wolf Creek - Oregon


On Wednesday, January 21, 2004, at 6:45 p.m., Niki Leighton and her son were driving on a mountain road near Wolf Creek, Oregon when they spotted a UFO.

"It was hovering at about 750 feet when we came around the corner," Niki reported, "My son and I were on our way to the fire station for the Wednesday night drill when we saw a very bright ball of light hovering just over the mountaintop (i.e. London Peak, just west of Wolf Creek, Ore.--J.T.) And then it went straight up. It was like a very bright ball of light and big. Don't know if there was press coverage. We live in the woods and do not get the paper or TV reception."

Source: Dreamland Interactive


February 29 2004
Indo-Pak Border 


A high alert was sounded along the Indo-Pak border in Punjab in the wake of landing of an "unidentified flying object" in Pakistan's territory, BSF Senior Commandant Darbara Singh said in Amritsar on Sunday.The incident occurred on Thursday evening when some flying object, which took off from the Indian side, landed in Pakistan's territory hardly 300 yards away from the zero line, he said.The area was identified on the Indian side as BSF Post Fatehpur falling in village Chann Kalan, he said.

Singh said "as per the eyewitness account of BSF constable Jagdish Parishad, who on Thursday evening was keeping vigil on the International Border, had seen some flying object like a hot balloon carrying three persons, who disembarked after landing in Pakistan's territory".Singh said "now it has become difficult to ascertain the reality that the flying object landed in Pakistan territory after crossing the Indian Territory. As the BSF Constable is not educated enough to identify the object."Since the constable has never seen any para glider, fan gliders and even a hot balloon during his service tenure so it is difficult to ascertain the authenticity of the matter", he said."In this regard the BSF have already handed over the protest note to the Pakistan Authority for providing necessary information of landing object which has reportedly took off from the Indian side with three persons," Singh said.



May 27 2004

Venice, CA


Thursday, May 27th, 2004 at approximately 8:30pm, I was just pulling out of my driveway in Venice, CA, to go to the store. When I made a right turn to go down the street, I noticed a huge cluster of what appeared to be black balloons. I thought, "There must be a festival going on." And then I thought, "A festival? At 8:30pm on a Thursday? Surely I would've known about it."

And then I noticed this cluster was animated. These individual black spheres comprising the cluster were moving like a cartoon. They were leapfrogging, swirling around each other, separating and coming back together, and possibly moving over the area at around 50mph. This is only a guess, as
the evening air was clear and I couldn't gauge the cluster's distance from me. What is small and close? What is huge and far away? I couldn't tell.

I stopped the car, hit reverse, pulled back into my driveway, got out and watch the black cluster move eastward for about 5 minutes until it was out of site. I had time to run inside, grab a video camera, and tape only a few moments of this thing. Unfortunately, the object was too distant to distinguish on video. However, this proves one thing. This thing moved from Venice Beach to Over Century City in about 5 minutes, on an evening with no breeze - it wasn't a bunch of balloons, that's for sure.

Source: Mufonla


June 14 2004

Glendale, AZ


NUFORC has received a number of reports from the Phoenix area of a peculiar cluster of lights that were seen there on the evenings of June 14 and 15, 2004.

One of the witnesses to the event is a photography professional, and he provided this photo from the video footage he captured of the event at approximately 20:40 hrs. (Pacific) on Monday, June 14, looking to the southwest over Phoenix:


Sighting Report:

While putting the kids to bed, my wife pointed out very bright and unusual lights in formation to the sothwest. We live on a mountainside and had a good view of thses lights for 5 minutes, 2.5 of which I have on video tape. These lights were almost stationary and in formation this did not change. Brightness of each was Venus maggnitude or brighter. Lights seemed to flash in a pattern. While my eyes said they were red and white, video shows green yellow and orange as well. As the lights went from sight, a movement to NE seemed to take place. I am an experienced sky watcher and this was not an ordinary occurance. Size was a minimm of 600 ft and at the most 3000=4000 by my estimates.

((NUFORC Note: Witness is a photography specialist, and captured several minutes of high-quality video of the light display. We do not know what the object was, but the event is under investigation. PD))


June 16 2004

Gerber Reservoir


Two friends report an unusual event while out camping. As they sat around the campfire, one of the campers got up to walk towards the tree line when he noticed two orange orbs of a pumpkin like shape skimming slowly over the trees at around 5 MPH. The orbs were parallel to one another. Suddenly one flew in an eastern direction while the other object stayed in a hovering position. Moments later the other orb came back to its original position, hovering beside the other again. It was reported that they then began to move towards the campers area as the color changed to red with one of the orbs positioning itself directly over their campfire.

The witnesses report that the red orb appeared to rotate and became at least four times the size of the van they came in. It then changed its appearance to a large rectangular shape with what appeared to be portholes with red, yellow, blue and green lights of a "firelike" nature. At one point there was heard a turbo like sound that lasted less than one second. The lights retreated but were watched through the trees for the next two hours.
Source: Oregon UFO Review


July 12 2004

Interstate 5 - Coalinga, CA


The following is a witnesses report which was sent to NUFORC

On the night of July 12, 2004, my family and I embarked on a road trip from the San Francisco Bay Area to New Mexico. While travelling south on Interstate-5 in the central valley of California, at about 10:15 pm, we encountered the I-5 UFO phenomenon that has been reported to NUFORC several times since at least the year 2000. It was a triangular aircraft flying a repetitive aerobatic pattern over the interstate and swooping down very low over traffic, creating a hazard to all who were driving.

We saw it as we approached from 2 to 3 miles away, and were amazed at it's agility and audacity right from the start. It occurred 28 miles north of Highway 198 at the intersection of I-5 and the overpass of Manning Avenue. The aircraft's maneuvers were incredible, but not beyond human capability. The craft flew a fast, distinct, unchanging pattern over the interstate and overpass, swooping down to an unbelievably low level over the freeway traffic. We and every other vehicle around us slowed down to observe it, and once underneath it, we hoped we wouldn't get hit. We drove past the overpass, which was remote and had no exit/entrance ramps and then parked on the shoulder about 100 yards south of it, right below the pattern that the aircraft was flying. My wife and I tried hard to get a good look, but it was very dark; no moon and no city lights anywhere near us.

The craft seemed to be triangular, yet not an equilateral triangle. It was shaped more like a Vulcan bomber; the wings formed a wide delta, yet their leading edge intersected the fuselage well behind the nose. I could not make out the profile of the nose, yet I could see the profile of a vertical tail fin. The vertical height of the fuselage seemed thin, but not too thin for a human pilot. It's lights were completely unconventional; no strobe, no red and green position lights, no navigation light. It just had 3 big bright circular halogen white lights, about 12"-18" in diameter; one under the nose, and one at each wingtip. The nose light would turn off and then turn back on. They all shined down and forward about 45 degrees, and were built into the body; they weren't fixtures hanging down. They put out an ambient glow onto the fuselage, which was a very pale tan or grey. There were no other markings and no landing gear visible. Unlike previous reports of this phenomenon to NUFORC, which described a silent craft, (and I don't discount them), this craft made a lot of noise. In fact, it sounded like it had a single jet engine. As it approached, it made a whining, hissing sound, which turned into a roar as it passed, yet not as loud or fast as a corporate or fighter jet. The craft maintained a speed of about 80 to 100 mph throughout it's maneuvers. A high-performance engine might explain how it made steep climbs and 90 degree banking turns without stalling or losing speed.

It flew a repetitive kidney-bean shaped pattern above the freeway intersection with the overpass. It dived down and flew 15'-20' above the I-5 traffic, climbed up, hung a U-turn, then dove down to the field on the east side of the interstate, and flew an amazing 2-3 feet above the ground for about 100 yards until it approached the embankment of the overpass, then pulled up and climbed at about 45 degrees without slowing down to about 200 feet above ground, hung a sharp U-turn banking at 90 degrees to the ground,then dove down again at the interstate, and repeated this pattern over and over. Whether the pilot was an off-hours yahoo cropduster or an alien, he was out of his mind. While parked on the shoulder, we watched the aircraft fly the pattern right over us several times before driving off (my 6 year-old daughter was getting scared).

I wish I could provide a more definitive identification of the aircraft, but it was very dark that night and the craft was constantly making sharp moves: banking, climbing, and diving. My best guess is that this was a powerful, unconventional, yet terrestrial airplane, but the pilot was performing maneuvers that weren't just bold, but crazy and malicious toward the traffic on I-5. Everything about the aircraft's actions and lighting was illegal.

I called the California Highway Patrol after driving away, and the dispatcher shrugged it off, saying, "I'll put out a bulletin, but there's not much we can do. You might want to try the FAA." I'll forward this report to the FAA in the hopes that they might look into it, being that this incident constitutes crimes being committed with an aircraft. Either this is some rogue cropduster that hasn't been caught yet, or this area along I-5 is definitely a UFO hotspot.

((NUFORC Note: High quality graphic of the flight path of the object above Interstate 5 is provided by the witness. It is posted to the NUFORC website. PD))


August 23 2004



Two large formations of light were captured on video last night 23 Aug 2004. The formation was moving over Melbourne while the video was taken at a location near Pascoe Vale. The objects were in two groups of three lights and each group was in a triangle formation.

The video was taken by Mark & Janine Blease of Melbourne. PRA have a copy of the video for analysis and so does Channel 7 TV Melbourne. A check of Melbourne Air Traffic Control, show no aircraft at that location or in formation at that time and no radar contact was reported.

This morning on the Breakfast Show - Radio station 3AW Melbourne, spoke to the couple who took the video and they said it was quite a surprise and very spectacular, offering no explanation. Other people called the radio station and some did come onto the 'talk-back' line to support the sighting.

This is a multiple witness event and a hoax has been rules out.

At present there is no simple explanation, however an investigation has now been opened and as more information becomes available we will post it.

This is night video so it is very low value data, however, save the images to a file and then expand for more visual detail.

View or Download Video File, MPEG, 3.2 MB
Source: John Auchettl PRA - Director of.Phenomena Research Australia
September 6, 2004
My daughter (age 2) and I were sitting outside at 11:40 AM, on September 6, 2004, when she pointed out some airplanes. We have made this a game and play it daily. We live close to Cabinis Field Airport and relatively close to NAS Corpus Christi, so we see aircraft all the time. When she said "airplane" I instinctively looked up and initially thought they were two seagulls but as I watched, I realized there were two metallic craft flying in formation. I stuck my head in the back door and told my husband what we were watching and he came outside. They flew like birds constantly in tight circular patterns and formation. Their maneuvering patterns were too difficult for an aircraft to perform. They flew below the few clouds and as they turned toward us, the reflection of the sun hitting the objects made them seem five times larger. They were silvery white objects of triangular shape. They made no sound as they flew over our heads. There were no vapor trails or contrails coming off the craft either.
September 6, 2004
Jackson  - Kentucky
At 9 PM, on September 6, 2004, a triangular object was seen with a bright white light, plus red and blue flashing lights The white flashing light was more brilliant than the other two lights. The witness reported that, "One of the objects seemed to be closer than the object on the right but both objects were stationary, and not moving." They hovered in the southwestern sky for a few hours. I watched them for three hours then got bored and went to bed. At one point, a third object joined the two and as suddenly as it appeared, took off to the west at an incredible speed. The reason I thought the object to be triangular was because the lights did not rotate in a circle.
September 7, 2004
Fort Smith  - Arkansas
The observer's home is at the top of a hill and a few moments after dark on September 7, 2004, he heard a very soft low humming sound. At 9:15 PM, it became a low rumbling sound. He states, "As I looked in the direction of the sound, I saw this huge craft approach very slowly, it was flying very low at about 400 feet" This ship had a triangle shape and its lights glowed from underneath and alternated in their light pattern as it passed over me. I grabbed my flashlight and shined it up at the thing as it flew slowly over our area. Someone else had to see this huge craft, but it was so quiet and seemed to take forever to go over the area. I was shocked and called loudly to my Mom in the next room. She said, "She heard the rumbling or hum that was unlike a normal engine propulsion sound." I then grabbed my flashlight and ran off the porch to the street corner to get a better look as it left our area. This ship or whatever this was flew over the edge of town and out of my view. We have also seen other sightings as well in our area in the last few months. This thing was huge... my God what or who was flying this ship?
September 9, 2004
Corunna - Michigan
Looking east at 10 PM, just over the field we spotted bright lights low on the horizon on September 9, 2004, and they appeared to be heading towards us. As the lights moved closer you could make out that the craft had three large, round, very bright (non-flashing) white lights on the underside that formed a triangle. The craft was very silent, flying low and moving at a slow pace across the moonless sky. They state, "We went out in the backyard to get a better look as it flew just about directly overhead and we were able to see only a slight outline of the craft due to the lights shining so bright." We lost sight of the craft as it headed southwest in the general direction of Lansing.
September 9, 2004
Puxico - Missouri
On September 9, 2004, at 9 PM, the observer walked out on his back porch and noticed a bright light in the northwest. He had seen this several times before, but didn't take the time to look closely. This time he got his binoculars and saw the object hovering but at times it bounced to the left or right and up or down. When looking at it through the binoculars it was triangle shaped and was blinking red, blue and white or yellow. He states, "What was really strange was it looked like you were looking through heat waves as it shimmered and seemed to be spinning." It was very hard to watch. It was flying over a place where there is only woods and a lake, and a place called Mingo Swamp Wildlife Refuge. I watched for half an hour, got spooked and went inside.
September 23 2004
The observer was out in his back garden looking for shooting stars when he saw an unusual star move across the sky on September 23, 2004, at 9:23 PM. It looked like a shooting star but lasted longer. It was not as bright as a normal shooting star and then curved around before disappearing. It traveled in an east-northeast to west-southwest direction. It was too fast for a satellite and it was the wrong direction for aeroplanes. Helicopters don't fly that high and usually have flashing lights.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,
September 26 2004
Wolverhampton, West Midlands
Looking North-West in a clear sky, my friend and I observed three 'star-like' point sources of light around magnitude 0 (Vega). The lights formed a triangle in the sky and were stationary for a minute or so. Unfortunately, we had no reference and could not estimate the distance to or between them. The triangle was then joined by four other lights of similar but variable magnitude that initially moved in an sweeping manner around the triangle. All lights then formed a stationary circle in the sky which then broke and lights went below visible horizon. Having seen the video footage, it would seem that our sighting was very similar to that seen in Phoenix on September 26th!

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Source: Brian Vike, Director  HBCC UFO Research

October 22 2004
Forth Estuary - Fife
Andy Wallace writes, "A colleague of mine took this rather interesting video this morning 22nd October 2004, around 8 AM. There appears to be two white, elongated objects traveling in the sky in a downwards, westerly direction for several minutes. We surmise most likely that the two objects were space debris, but they seem to move in unison to each other at a constant distance from each other. My colleague claims there were actually three of them at one point before the camera was brought out. They look similar to the space shuttle breaking apart. I hope you find something interesting here.
Source: UFO Casebook
October 28 2004
A witness in California took this picture around  about the 22nd of October. He had forgotten about it and almost deleted it from his camera. As he was ready to press the delete button, he noticed the luminous object in the bottom of the frame and immediately downloaded it into the computer. The odd thing is, he can't remember taking this picture. he can remember that there was a full moon that night in that direction south of his yard, and  thinks that he remembers taking a picture, but can't remember anything else, which is strange!

 Not only does he not have any memories of that night, it seems that there are missing photos from that time. "I have not been able to locate these missing photos in the camera or the computer, or even in the recycle bin. The night in question seems to have been last Saturday, I have not been out since then because of the storms we have been having".

He said "Also, this is when the full moon would have been in that location at this time when I usually go outside. (Around 7-8 o'clock) I can remember setting up my camera that night, and I have a faint memory of taking a picture in the direction of the moon, but after this everything is just a blank! This is really strange. And the picture was still in the camera's memory card. I always look at my photos as soon as I come in the house and then promptly delete them from the camera after they are in the computer. This is all so weird because I always remember details about the pictures I take".

"Also, my seven year old daughter has had recurring dreams which she says are "real." In these dreams she is floating down the hallway and being lifted up by these ghostly like beings with what she describes as "worm like" eyes. She told us about these dreams on Monday, and she was not able to sleep in her own room the following night".

Source:   UFO Casebook Home







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