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The Abbey College Encounter

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Witness Adriano Valente contacted Truth Seekers Midlands, reguarding a message i had posted about a Ufo crash / retrieval story in the West Midlands. Adriano told me that in 1994, he was studying at the Abbey College in Malvern Wells, and that he and a friend were witnesses to a very strange encounter......
This is Adriano`s story, in his own words:
First of all, it is difficult to recall the date it happened (I am known by my friends to have a poor chronological memory). The year was 1994.

I was student at the Abbey College in Malvern Wells that year. The Abbey college has the Hills just behind it, and a forest right under it.

I was known there as the "crazy swiss boy" (in a sympathetic way, not treated as an outsider), because of being the only student with PC, satellite dish and so on in my room... and also because people (and teachers) knew that I was interested in everything.

It was October or November based on the fact that it was very cold, rainy and leaves all over the floor.

It was 9pm, dark already. They Abbey suffered some electrical problems, lights went on and off, etc... for 10 minutes or more. I was wondering what it was and went to my German friend Daniel Backer, who was about 24 at that time and like a brother to me for my whole year there in the UK.
He was in the middle of Biology studies and came to the UK to learn english. his room was on the left of the abbey, facing the forest,under the abbey. Something strange was going on there, in fact it took him 2 minutes to open the door as i knocked, because he was looking at things and did't want to loose them.
When the lights stopped, he opened. He told me he saw strange lights in the woods (about 60 meters from the room's windows). I told him my TV went crazy and switched channels by itself, that's why I came to ask him if he could have a look at it (since he was pretty good in computing and electronics). He told me to have a look at his digital clock next to his bed, and that he would help me with my TV as soon as he found out what was going on with his clock... In fact his clock was going nuts, the digital red marks were not forming numbers anymore, but just randomly lighting forming different signs. some 2 minutes later the lights were back, and I SAW THEM MYSELF.
I was quite scared, but wondering at the same time, and the fact that the tall german guy was next to me, helped me not to freek out. The lights where "indirect". It was not as if we were looking at the source of the light itself, they rather looked like constant beams, turning from blue to orange, sometimes green. many people claimed they saw the lights that night, but no one wanted to talk about it.

Anyway, we were staring at the lights. Between the room and the forest was about 60 meters. There was a Badmington field and some grass between it. Now just close to the forest, we could see more or less 30 rabbits and other small animals, birds were like "fleeing" from the small forest. At that point i told dani "look, they are scared of it".
Dani responded 10 seconds later with "there "IT" is..." we could see some shape hiding behind the trees or bushes, standing maybe 1m60 to 1m70 tall. very hard to see its colour since there were those lights disturbing it. it looked somewhat humanoid, but it's way of moving wasn't. it was too relaxed, too smooth and too slow. it looked at the Abbey for about 20 seconds, then moved back into the woods. the lights stopped 30 seconds after the thing disappeared.
I was very shocked. Dani as well. Since he studies animal biology, he told me he had never ever seen anything like that at all.

Some 20 minutes later, helicopters flew by the Hills, trucks with RAF markings passed on the road and went south to the forest (Forest is located also about 2 miles away from Shweppes factory, if I remember well).

I went back to my room to check if my tv worked again, since dani's clock started behaving normally after the lights disappeared. I saw one of the teachers of the college with the principal that evening, they told me not to approach the forest, because the police had called them to warn them that there was a RAF crash.
Fact IS: There was absolutely no sound.... no bang... no smoke, no smell, no fire...

The lights appeared one day later, but i didn't see them, some friend told me. Military were everywhere for 2 days or so. And we got a special mention at the meeting in the morning, that we were not allowed to approach the forest (but it was property of the abbey, and our parents paid for the faccilities at the abbey including a large forest where we could hang out...)...

well, that's what I remember. sorry for the scattered appearance of all this, but one memory comes with annother... I haven't thought of that episode for more than 9 years now, until this morning when I saw your post...

If I can be of any help, do not hesitate to contact me.


Adriano Valente


Anyone wishing to contact Adriano can do so here

This investigation is still ongoing, If anyone else was a witness to this strange encounter, or attended the Abbey College in Malvern Wells in 1994. Please contact Truth Seekers Midlands at the address below.

Copyright 2004-2005
Lee Broadstock - Truth Seekers Midlands