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All the evidence seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens' ultimate goal. Indeed, the abductees are already living with the burden of alien visitation and manipulation


. It is now possible to discern at least four specific Programs that the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goal:

1.       The Abduction Program. The aliens initially selected human victims around the world and instituted procedures to take these humans and their progeny from their environments without detection.

2.       The Breeding Program. The aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development.

3.       The Hybridization Programme  The aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans over the generations to become more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics. Perhaps humans are also altered over time and acquire alien characteristics.

4.       The Integration Program. The aliens prepare the abductees for future events. Eventually, the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society.

The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their Programs will end and they will have achieved their goal. Many abductees feel that "something is going to happen" soon and that the aliens have their goal within sight.


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