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The Grey Alien:


The Grey is the most commonly reported alien in recent times. Mentally, this species function in what might be termed a "group mind". They do not seem to have individualized consciousness. The 'Grey's' seem to be a scientifically based society that functions to study other life forms. Their main purpose seems to be human study and genetics, also possible cross breeding with humans. One of the key factors of the ABDUCTION syndrome is the 'Grey's' ability to telepathically communicate. Most of this interaction is accomplished through the eyes. The Eye's are one of the most striking elements of Abductions and various descriptions of the eyes have been reported. The black look of the eye may be a possible lens covering.


The head is large by human standard. Eyes are generally slanted, large and black. The Nose is usually vague. 2 small nostrils are visible. Mouth is indicated by a small slit without lips, this appears to be non functional. No teeth in the mouth cavity. The body and head are completely hairless. The Torso is described as small and thin, often covered in a metallic garment. Arms are long and thin, and reach to the knees. Reports of the fingers vary from 3 to 4, long webbed, and possibly with a claw or fingernail. The legs are short and thin; most reports of the feet say that they are covered.

Origins of Greys:

Due to no knowledge at all of the origins of the Greys, either as simply evolved cetaceans, or as a cloned slave society, several possible avenues must be explored. A few that might be possible are simple evolution with later genetic self-manipulation or manipulation of cetaceans by an outside species. Since there is no evidence, albeit no data at all, any possible origins theory that can be developed should be judged as possibly faulty, until more data can be gathered.

Analysis of Reasons for Human Abductions:

From the various documents, informants, and abductee reports, we can postulate what the Greys are. There are many reports that can be found today, if one knows where to look: Some theorize that the Greys are descendants of modern humans from the future; others state that the Greys are a totally different lifeform not related to Terran humans. This document will hopefully finalize the various theories, and weed out those hypotheses that are deemed highly unlikely due to contradicting evidence and reports.


Anatomy of the Grey:            


The Brain is larger than ours and has more than 2 lobes, possibly 3. The third lobe is thought to be used for telepathic communication. Skin description ranges from light tan to the pasty grey colour.
Texture is described as scaly or reptilian in nature.
No muscle or skeletal structure is visible.No external reproductive genital, possible reproduction by a cloning method.


No discernible digestive tract found, but a 2-piece organ that seems to be a combined heart and lungs organ. Digestive functioning is believed to be through the skin in a form of osmosis.

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