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Ghost Tours around the UK.

The Original Dudley Ghost Tour in Dudley, West Midlands.
Tours are usually on a Wednesday and Thursday night, from the Station Hotel, and commence at 8pm.
A tour guide will collect you at the Station Hotel and then take you on a tour around some of the spooky places around Dudley, including Dudley Castle and the Malt Shovel Pub, where a poltergeist has been reported.
For more information and tour dates please visit:
The Original Nottingham Ghost Walks
Tours run every Saturday at 7pm ( except in December ) from the Ye Olde Salutation Inn, Maid Marion Way. Roughly 100m from Nottingham Castle and the Tales of Robin Hood ( both signposted ). And ends in the haunted caves beneath the Inn.
This tour lasts around 1 and a quater hrs ( approx )
Cost: 4.00 - Adults , 2.00 - Children under 12
        Family Ticket:   2 Adult + 2 Children - 10
For further information call there 24 hour information line on: 01773 769300

Do you know of a Ghost Tour ? Then why not advertise it here... Just click on the link below, leave your name and the Ghost Tour you would like to see here along with anyother information you may have, and we will advertise it for you.

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