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Cattle Mutilation

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Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. Many mutilated cattle have been found marked with fluorescent paint, probably to help identify them in the dark. 

For over thirty years bemused farmers have been finding the mutilated corpses of their livestock. These incidents were first noticed in the United States but have been witnessed all over the world. Nobody knows what is killing these animals but there have been many attempts to explain the phenomenon. Are these cases the work of extra-terrestrials or a man made mystery?


The animals are usually found dead, with no obvious cause of death, have missing body parts, in most cases these are soft tissues, such as lips, tongue, skin and muscles of the lower jaw, rectum, genitalia, eyeball, tail, mammary glands and ears.

It has been reported that missing tissues have been removed with surgical precision, leaving neat wounds. In other cases the edges of the skin appeared uniformly serrated with lesions consistent with Electro-surgery. Usually no relevant tracks or signs of struggle can be found around the dead animals. Some reports have mentioned that the mutilated animals were found lying in the middle of perfectly round areas where the vegetation looked as if it had been burned. Other reports mention large mutilated animals such as cows and steers had all four legs fractured with no plausible explanation. The skin or soils in the vicinity of the wounds do not indicate any traces of blood, making it a big mystery.

In 1971 a veterinarian from Idaho performed an autopsy on a mutilated horse and found that all the internal organs, including the heart and lungs, had been completely drained of blood.

 During investigations of mutilated animals observers have noted the strange behaviour of other animals in the herd and of wild animals in the vicinity. Domestic animals appear to be visibly agitated, fearful and avoid getting too close to the dead animals. Scavengers such as coyotes and wolves have been reported to keep their distance for days without touching the carcasses. And high levels of radiation have been detected near the dead animals when they are found.


The term "mutilations" is used by UFO devotees to describe animal corpses with "unusual" or "inexplicable" features. What counts as "unusual" or "inexplicable" is just about any cut, mark, wound, excision, incision, swelling, distention, organ or blood absence, abrasion or bruise. These "mutilations," we are told, are being done by bad aliens. No one has shown either that there are thousands of inexplicable animal deaths around the globe or that, if there are, they are related, much less that they are the result of alien experimentation. These facts, however, are no deterrent to those who are sure we are not alone. To them, these visitors from other worlds are not only responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of cattle, horses, cats and other domestic animals around the globe, they are also responsible for numerous human abductions for the purpose of  experimental and  reproductive surgery. Furthermore, some of these aliens are destroying crops around the globe in an effort to impress us with their artistic abilities or to communicate to us in strange symbols just how much they like our planet's cattle.


The belief that aliens have been killing and mutilating animals is supported by little more than an argument from ignorance:  since there is a lack of evidence that aliens aren't responsible for the deaths or the post mortem conditions of the animals, it follows that the aliens are responsible. Defenders of this view reject the notion that there could be an earthly and naturalistic explanation. They are convinced that aliens need cow blood and organs for their experiments. What seems most convincing to the alien theorists is that "wounds" and missing organs such as the tongue and the genitalia seem completely inexplicable to them in any but mysterious terms, i.e., alien surgeons. Naturalistic explanations in terms of predators (skunks, buzzards, weasels, etc.), insects (such as blowflies), and birds are to no avail, even though the most thorough examination of so-called cattle "mutilations" concluded there was nothing mysterious that needed explaining (see the Rommel report). It is useless to note that insects and animals often devour the vulnerable mucous membranes and the softer parts of dead animals such as the genitalia, instead of  trying to burrow through the cowhide. It is pointless to note that incisions to a carcass by the teeth of  predators/scavengers often resemble knife cuts. It is of no use to point out that there is little or no blood oozing from the wounds because blood settles, the heart does not pump when an animal is dead, insects devour the blood that does spill out, etc.


Sightings of Ufo's and strange, unmarked, black helicopters coincide with most cattle mutilation cases. The phenomena began in the 1970`s, when farmers in Minnesota and Kansas reported mutilated cattle. The circumstances surrounding the deaths were different to anything the local police had ever investigated. At that time, the blame for mutilations was placed on satanic cults. Soon after reports of cattle mutilations spread across the USA and into Canada. Police agencies in Alberta, Idaho, Montana and Iowa did link some mutilation cases to satanic cults. However police investigating found little supporting evidence and ran into dead ends.

Cattle mutilations often occur in Ufo Hotspots such as Northern New Mexico, and near Area 51, Nevada. Two separate alien abductees have reported, under regressive hypnosis, seeing cattle taken into the alien craft and mutilated.

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Lee Broadstock - Truth Seekers Midlands