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Declassified UFO Documents (F.B.I)

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation has released a vast selection of previously classified documents relating to UFOs, their dealings with them, reports of 'Flying Discs' and other strange events. Because of the Freedom of Information Act, it is now possible to download these documents for free from the web and view them at your leisure on your computer.

The documents in question contain letters, reports, articles and correspondences, some of which are somewhat more difficult to read than others. The best way to view them is to simply download them to your computer.


In order to view these files, you will need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

UFO Documents, 1,600 Pages ( 11 Files )

The 1,600 page FBI UFO Documentation is split into 11 different sections, each can be downloaded separately for viewing and weigh in at around 5 megabytes each.
Cattle Mutilation Documents, 128 Pages ( 5 Files )

Also available, are 128 pages of Documentation on the Cattle Mutilation phenomenon, in particular during the 1970's.These are split up into 5 parts at under 2 megabytes each.
Majestic 12 Document, 22 Pages ( 1 File )
FBI Summary: "This file relates to an FBI inquiry into the possible unauthorized disclosure of classified information when a document marked "Top Secret" was made public. This investigation was closed after it was learned that the document was completely bogus."
Project Blue Book Document, 11 Pages ( 1 File )

A small 11 page document relating to Project Blue Book, which was a program for investigating UFOs, but was discontinued in 1969.
Roswell Document, 1 Page ( 1 File )
FBI Summary: "This one-page teletype dated July 8, 1947, relays information from the United States Air Force that an object purporting to be a flying disc was recovered on that date near Roswell, New Mexico."

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