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About Truth Seekers Midlands
Truth Seekers Midlands is an active on line Paranormal research and investigation group, and was first launched in July 1999, by Lee Broadstock, with the launch of the MSN Group Forum into Ufology and the Paranormal.
Since then, the group has grown to over one hundred members, world-wide.
 Our aim is to expand further a field and recruit researchers from all over the globe, to help keep this website up to date with paranormal sightings and news world-wide.
And to bring together anyone, who for some reason or another has had some form of UFO or Paranormal experience. But you don’t have to of had an experience to believe in the idea that we are not alone. And welcome all those who are interested in finding out more.
" Ive always been interested in Ufology and the Paranormal for as far back as i can remember, and strongly believe that we’re not alone. I started out as a researcher for my local UFO group
  in 1998, after witnessing an unexplained event myself ".
 It took place around the time the Hale Bopp comet could clearly be seen in the night sky, a triangular craft slowly moving above me and towards Birmingham International Airport. I didn`t know what to think. I just froze and watched this brightly lit triangular shaped craft pass right over me. I could see three bright white lights,
( one on each point ) and one bright red light in the center of the underside. Since then ive investigated reports, from UFO`s to Crop circles including the Yoxall crop formation which ive added to this site.
Over the past six years, ive had the chance to meet  witnesses, and interview them about there UFO sightings, and have met some of the great names in Ufology, including Arthur Tomlinson, Nick Redfern, Larry Warren and Jilaen Sherwood, and Peter Robbins. With special thanks to Steve Poole and Yvonne South of UFO Research Midlands who are very well known here in the West Midlands.
Since the closure of MSN`s group forums, Truth Seekers Midlands have now moved to the Ning website, and you are all more than welcome to join us on our quest in finding the Truth.
Our new forum address is:
Please drop by and take a look.



Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Copyright 2004-2005
Lee Broadstock - Truth Seekers Midlands