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Missing Time

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Missing Time

One aspect of alien abductions, contacts, and ufo sightings is that some of these experiences are accompanied by what is known as ‘missing time’. The use of hypnotic regression is incorporated into investigations by some researchers in order to aid witnesses regain memories of these inexplicable losses of time. The usefulness of this technique is hotly debated.

The following is a strange case of ‘missing time’, which occurred, in northern Ontario during the summer of 1960. Written in the experiencer’s own words this report is reprinted here with permission of HBCC UFO Research.


                     Missing Time    Northern Ontario, June or July 1960

As I prepare to write this, I am reminded of excruciating pain over my right eye. Until recently, I just didn't think about this. I was asked to relate my experience for research and benefits of those who may be interested.

The time and place were Northern Ontario farm country 1960 summer, June or July I was all of 10 years old. The nearest town from the farm was 3 miles away, a distance I walked, ran, cycled, almost on a daily basis. One afternoon while walking home this same route, I was about 10-15 minutes from home, I glanced at my watch, which was working fine, and it said, (1:02/1:03 PM) At that very instant, I remember two very bright flashes of light and I stumbled almost falling. I caught myself from falling and noticed a few drops of blood coming from above my right eye.

I was quite confused by that because I just hadn't cut myself anywhere? That I could remember? I continued walking home. When I entered the house, someone yelled at me that I was late. I looked at the clock on the wall, it read 3:25 PM. That's when my head really started to hurt. I kept looking at that clock and my watch, which had stopped at 1:30 PM. I kept asking if that was the right time and complaining that it was impossible (at that time, missing time, just wasn't thought of). There simply was no explanation where that two hours went, and as I tried to think about it, I just got more pain, intense pain. Not too much of that until I just had to stop and forget it, funny thing is, when I thought about forgetting it, the pain would relieve.

Later, either that day or soon after, we were watching T.V. (old Admiral B/W 26in. on a swivel, anyone remember that one?) This set had a 1/4 inch thick plait glass covering over the picture tube. Suddenly, a very high-pitched sound/vibration shattered the plate glass, lasting for about 6 to 8 seconds I'd guess. Odder thing, it felt like it came from above my right eye, and went right through my head. My right eye and upper right cheek had numbing and twitching for weeks after that.

I believe I have had two other missing time events but I only have fragments of memory, I think I was much younger. I have never had an x-ray of the area. I think I really don't want to know, if something is there?

Something else I remember being odd about my childhood. I was sitting around a boy scout camp fire with 4 or 5 boys, just playing with my compass, holding it in my left hand, partly upright, pointing my right finger at it from an inch or so, ad spinning the needle around and around. I never thought anything about that. I use to be able to do that all the time, but one kid asked me what I was doing, showed him, he asked how I did that? I
just didn't know I just did it. Can you? They all wanted to see what I was doing. It was then that I came to the conclusion I should keep the extra stuff quite. Mostly they just wrote it off as another weird thing about me.That's all I can think of right now. Hope you find this helpful.

I would like to thank this kind person for his Missing Time story, and for
finally coming forward with it.


Copyright 2004-2005
Lee Broadstock - Truth Seekers Midlands