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"Poltergeist" is a German term for "noisy spirit".... which is an excellent description for this frightening phenomena.  This kind of paranormal activity has made many victims literally run for their lives, completely abandoning their homes and possessions! What is even more frightening is that Poltergeist activity is relatively commonplace.  Many normal people in normal situations have experienced it.  Indeed, several popular films and books have been produced on this very subject, giving us a first-hand look at what a terrifying experience it must be for those besieged with Poltergeist activities.

In the scientific world, Poltergeists are generally portrayed as malevolent, disruptive, mischievous, and unusually noisy and unwelcome entities - and rightfully so!  This type of paranormal activity has been reported since Medieval times, and to this day scientists (yes, even scientists acknowledge them)  are debating the causes of Poltergeist activity occurrences.  Characteristic activities may include flying objects, foul odors, loud noises, banging, pounding, unexplained electrical light activities.....and even apparitions.

Independent and anecdotal research have shed some light on this odd phenomena.  The general consensus is that the cause may actually be the result of subconscious psycho kinesis.  Psycho Kinesis is essentially a mind-over-matter situation that is unintentional....and is delivered involuntarily by an entity at the site of the activity.  

Research has revealed that many suspected Poltergeist agents are females under the age of 25, who are completely unaware that they are the causing this type of activity.  Emotional problems associated with these individuals have been attributed to poltergeist activity, and include emotions such as anger, anxiety, paranoia,  and schizophrenia.  With psychological help the activities may diminish or even disappear completely with time.  

Though the majority of Poltergeist cases are associated with unstable individuals, there are intermittent cases in which everybody involved is apparently stable from a psychiatric perspective.  In these cases, the causes of Poltergeist activities remain unexplained.  

Therefore, it appears that Poltergeist activity is totally unrelated to hauntings.  Poltergeist activity can occur at any time and can be triggered by a "living" person's trauma, while hauntings are usually associated with entities who are deceased. Poltergeists can be dangerous, both physically and mentally, and often leaving the site of the activity does not make it go away, as the problem persists even with new surroundings.  

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