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When a ghost hunter is investigating a haunted house, the most common anomaly that they will photograph and video is a phenomenon known as "orbs". These are small round balls of translucent light that float around when observed through a night vision device. This can either be a video camcorder which has the night shot feature built into it or a night vision scope that people can buy from an electronics shop such as Radio Shack. Some ghost hunters go as far as military night vision goggles that are out of most peoples price range, but we find these useless along with scopes, as the only thing they would be good for is personal proof. You cannot record on them and at the end of the night you only have your word, which isn’t much help or proof to anyone else.

Another way to capture orbs is with still cameras. This can be just about any picture taking camera but we find the best ones to use are the 35mm cameras with a bright flash, or a digital camera, which is our personal choice because you can spend all night taking pictures and view the actual pictures when they are taken. If nothing shows up, then its just a simple delete process. There are a few theories as to what orbs may be, and a couple theories that you may like to consider are these:

  • Orbs are the life forms of a once living human being
  • Energy of some sort, displayed when a spirit is near.

It is said that for a ghost to appear to someone in a full body form takes vast amounts of energy to accomplish, and also the reason why it is "un-often" that you would see such a thing. A ghosts most comfortable form to hold is the small energy ball known as an orb. No-one has the true answer to "What an orb is" and everything you read about them is pure speculation, so that's why there are researchers such as ourselves who have seen and heard things that we cannot explain, and want to learn further about. Some people might say that an orb is just dust floating through the air, or water spots when taken with a 35mm camera etc. This is the very reason why we chose to get video camcorder footage, rather than still pictures. Its a more believable opportunity to see them on moving film rather then with pictures, and at least this way, we can see how these orbs react when pursued and to where these orbs vanish too.

 Orb Study - Motion Analysis          Orb Study - Complete Spheres 2

If you have a photograph of an orb, then why not post it on our msn site`s photo album      

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