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Truth Seekers Midlands Site Ring
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Below you will find links to a wide range of Paranormal and Ufo sites, there are also links to more sites in our web ring above and also on our banner exchange page, so please check it out.
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Ghost and Poltergeist Links


Poltergeist: The Five Levels
Here's a handy chart to help you keep track of poltergeist activity, from the senses attack to the danger level.

Poltergeist Machine
Can the mischievous antics of poltergeists be duplicated by electromagnetic anomalies? Read this interesting article.

Signs of a Haunting
Lists 14 signs that your home might be haunted, and tells you the difference between a poltergeist and a haunting.

What Is a Ghost?
Explains one theory of what ghosts are, why they are here, and where they are most likely to be found.

Ghost Related Theories
Several members of the Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance give their opinions on what ghosts might be.

How To Hunt Ghosts
Great information for would-be ghost-hunters, including where to find them, the tools you need, rules for investigation, and more.

Investigations and Support
A directory of national and regional organizations that investigate ghosts, hauntings, and other paranormal activities.

Local Ghost Club Links
Looking for an organization in your area to help you in your pursuit of spooks? This list might help.

Cosmic Society Photos Page
More than 600 ghost photographs, most with commentary on the circumstances under which they were taken.

Ghost Gallery
A small but good collection of ghost photos, including that great photo of the sailors' faces in the water near the S.S. Watertown!

Ghost Photographs
There are only a few photos here, but they're good ones, especially "Girl on the Gravestone." Plus tips for spirit photography.

Paranormal Knowledge

I am the founder and one of the writers for We are actually one of the fastest growing paranormal information websites on the Internet today.  We are full-time of course and dedicated to providing people with information on the paranormal. We, as researchers, have made tremendous research in the past few decades and it is our duty to inform our fellow citizens. We, at, are dedicated to providing the latest research. With your support, I ask you to contribute anything that you may have to our website and allow us to place your organization name and link to our “Endorsements”. Please help us spread the word.


Alien and UFO Links


Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

National UFO Reporting Center
Best place to check first for recent UFO sightings.

UFO Roundup
From Joseph Trainor.

Filer's Files
From George Filer of MUFON.

The Oz Files
Sightings from Australia.

UFO Magazine
The online version.

UFOSeek News
More current UFO news.

Whitley Streiber's Unknown Country
Includes "Dreamland." A variety of UFO/paranormal topics.

Rense Reports
The latest news from Jeff Rense.

TruthSeeker at Roswell
Editorials from Dennis Balthaser

Australia & New Zealand Sightings
UFO sightings database for Australia & New Zealand.

Mysterious Valley WebSite
Latest reports from the San Luis Valley in Colorado and New Mexico.

UFO sightings from all over the world.

UFO Hotlines
A 24-hour UFO reporting site.

British Isles UFO Sightings
UFO sightings in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Colorado UFO Sightings
UFOs in the state of Colorado.

Hard Evidence
The Bob White Experience : The only UFO witness to recover Physical Evidence, make a Sworn Statement, and pass a Conclusive Polygraph test.

UFO North Wales - A Website about UFO activity in North Wales.

North Staffordshire Histories Mysteries and Discoveries  - Earth Mysteries, Ghosts and Spirits, UFO’s, Folklore, Legends, Ancient History And much more besides.

Oregon UFO review
Oregon UFO Review is dedicated to the scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon in the state of Oregon and elsewhere.

Statistical Summary of UFO Cases Received by NIDS
From the National Institute for Discovery Science.

Table of UFO Physical Effects Sightings Cases
Deaths, injuries, healings...

UFO Evidence from Around the World
UFO sightings and articles from all over.

Report UFO sightings 24/7
UFO sightings & news.

UFO Sightings Discussion
Sightings, news, reports, etc..

UFOINFO Hotlines
This page tells you how to report your sighting!

UFO Sightings Report Center
A new UFO report center.

UFO Sightings
True stories involving sightings of UFOs, flying saucers, strange lights and other aerial phenomena.

UFO Watch
A good general UFO site, with a database of sightings and alien encounters.

UFO Window
Interesting article on UFO "flaps"

Paranormal and UFO Directory  - is the largest paranormal and UFO directory.

Mystical Universe
International UFO reporting center

UFO The Truth

Canadian Based UFO Website

 Spiritual Links
Coventry Lightways  - offer people in the Midlands area monthly talks on different spiritual beliefs, alternative therapies and energy systems.

Paranormal Radio is your online companion to Talk Radio



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