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The Betty and Barney Hill Case

September 19th and 20th, 1961


In September 1961, the Hills were returning from a holiday in Canada, driving along a New Hampshire road. On Route 3, at approximately 11 p.m., they saw what they described as a "bright star" in the sky. They stopped the car and got out to have a closer look with binoculars. The light then reversed its direction and the couple got back into their car and drove on. The light then turned back and approached their car, so they stopped again to look at it. Barney tried to dismiss it as a plane, but his wife Betty was adamant the object was flat. The craft was described as "pancake shaped" with a line of windows along the edge, through which they saw figures moving about inside.
Barney decided to walk up the road, hoping to get a closer look at the craft, when suddenly, what Barney described as a fin began protruding out of each side of the craft and he could see flashing red lights on their tips. He then became frightened and very agitated and ran quickly back to the car. Barney was a postal worker and very respected.

Once in the car, he opened the glove compartment and pulled out a small revolver, which he kept for protection. He stepped out of the car again, and pointed the small weapon at the craft, which was very close by that time. He claimed that the next thing he remembered was being back home. Betty also experienced confusion when she did not recall the rest of their two-hour drive home. Once in the house, they discovered something very strange. They had arrived home over two hours later than they should have and could not explain why. They continued on with their lives and dismissed the incident due to the lack of any explanation for what had happened. In the months that followed, Betty continuously had terrifying nightmares and Barney's health took a turn for the worse. He did not, however, experience any nightmares like Betty.

It was 1964 before any explanation even began to surface about the missing two hours that night. The Hills finally concluded that they would seek medical help, so at some expense, the couple visited a Boston psychiatrist who was known for using hypnosis to fight memory blocks. Betty and Barney repeatedly underwent regressive hypnosis separately, and both of the stories they relived under hypnosis were almost identical, which was very difficult for anyone to explain. The psychiatrist was completely baffled at the similarities of each one's story under hypnosis, and even more confused by the unbelievable experiences that they relived many times under hypnosis. They both told of being taken aboard a large spacecraft by beings that in no way resembled humans. They recalled undergoing painful and terrifying medical procedures by hideous looking creatures with huge black eyes. The stories made front page news all across the United States and became the focus of criticism and dis-belief by the general public as well as both the news media and the scientific community. The Hill's case was the first abduction case ever documented in 1961, but it certainly wouldn't be the last!

There is one very disturbing fact in the case that to this day has yet to be explained. During a hypnosis session, Betty recalled being shown a kind of three-dimensional starmap, and although the alien beings never spoke vocally, she had no problem communicating with them by way of telepathy. One of the aliens showed her on the starmap where they came from. Of course, none of this was familiar to Betty. Under hypnosis, she was able to recall precisely the layout of the starmap, and had a sketch drawn of it. It was inspected by our country's top astronomers and was dismissed because there was no familiarity between it and our knowledge of the planets at the time. Years later, a headstrong amateur astronomer took the drawing of the star map and searched through the near stars to see if she could get a match for the star configuration drawn by Betty. She found no system that even remotely resembled the starmap. How could anyone have known that in the early 1970s new technology would allow our scientists to see further and deeper into Space than ever before. More than ten years after Betty had drawn the starmap; a new star system was discovered that matched her starmap perfectly. It was calculated that the aliens came from the Zeta Reticuli system. Many were amazed that Betty had reproduced under hypnosis, such a precisely accurate map of a star system that nobody on the planet Earth had the technology to see for another ten years.

This, in my opinion, is more than sufficient evidence to prove that what the Hills experienced was very real. This was the first alien abduction case ever documented and certainly not the last! Since about 1966 there have been an estimated 120,000 abduction cases reported on a global scale. This statistic accompanied by the staggering number of reports of UFO encounters and sightings reported every year is more than conclusive evidence in my opinion. What scares me the most is that the general population of Earth still dismisses it at imagination or fabrication.
The case of Betty and Barney Hill remains important to this day, because it paved the way for the use of hypnosis to recover blocked memories. There are still many psychiatrists who disagree with this practice, saying that the person being hypnotised is too susceptible to suggestion while under hypnosis, and therefore may incorrectly remember events. That still does not explain how an abduction case in a small village in Pakistan is so similar in its description to an abduction case, half way around the world in Washington State.

There are many difficult things to believe in life. Sometimes even life itself is little more than a question mark

               The Travis Walton Case


On the 5th November 1975 Mike Rogers and his crew of 6 forestry workers were travelling back in their truck from work to the forest of Heber, Arizona when Alan Dalis, one of the crewmembers spotted a large glow coming from above a group of trees.

As they got closer they noticed a disk hovering about 20 feet above the ground. They stopped the truck to take a closer look when one of the crew jumped out to get an even closer look. Travis Walton was approaching the object when it started to make a strange noise and before the rest of the crew could do anything a large beam of light struck Travis, which sent him tumbling backwards.

At this point Mike Rodgers, the driver, panicked and drove the truck away. After a short distance the men forced Mike to drive back to collect their fellow worker. When they returned there was no sign of the object or of Travis.

A police investigation started as soon as the men reported what had happened, and an extensive search was carried out of the abduction area. Many people believed that the men had murdered Travis and used the UFO as a cover story.

The men requested that they take a lie detector test to try and clear their names. The first polygraph test was inconclusive, however, a second indicated that they were telling the truth about what they had witnessed.

On November 10th, 5 days after the abduction, Travis's brother-in-law received a phone call from Travis and they went to pick him up a few miles outside of Heber. When they found him he was naked, distraught and confused.

Soon afterwards he began to recall the events of the past few days. He told a story of aliens who were about 5 feet tall with domed hairless heads, large eyes, tiny ears and nose, and a slit for a mouth who performed various 'experiments' on him.

He also reported many other strange events such as seeing an 'almost' human entity who showed him around but did not answer his questions, and also of a control room where he could see through the exterior of the craft a gaze at the stars.

A film was produced called 'Fire in the Sky' which dramatised the above events.


Since the film Travis has passed 2 more lie-detector test, but has refused to be hypnotically regressed, as he fears it will bring out too many disturbing memories.



The Whitley Strieber Abduction

Horror fantasy writer Whitley Strieber took a vacation with his wife, son and some friends to his isolated cabin in upper New York State. When they all arrived at this cabin, Whitley had to switch off the alarm system and floodlights around the cabin so everyone could get in.

This all happened on December 27th 1985, that night Whitley was disturbed by a strange whooshing noise as if there were intruders within the cabin, Whitley had put the alarm system back on earlier, while thinking of this, he was suddenly confronted by a strange 4ft figure which rushed into the room.

The following day, everyone in the party was confused and told of lights which came into the cabin, with this they all left the cabin straight away. Strieber, once back at home started to have nightmares about what had happened that night at the cabin, he remembers being taken from that room, and recalls that there were three different types of entities. One was Robotic, one was the grey with black slanting eyes and the other was a stocky type with blue overalls. Striebers hypnotist Dr Donald F Klein suggested to Whitley that he may be suffering from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy producing hallucinations, Strieber went for a epilepsy test and was not suffering from the condition that Dr Klein had suggested. Strieber claims these abductions happened to him when he was younger and now he has written three books  about his experiences.

The first in 1987 called " Communion ", the second " Breakthrough " and third called " Secret School " in 1997.

A70 Pentland Hills Abduction


In 1992, Gary Wood and close friend Colin Wright were driving on the A70 road. Their destination that night was the village of Tarbrax, near Edinburgh. It seemed a perfectly normal night with Gary as usual concentrating on his driving and on the road ahead, with Colin looking out of the passenger window day dreaming when all of a sudden Colin began to notice a dark obscured object in front of them.

All of a sudden it was upon them covering the road ahead, what they encountered was a 30ft wide black object, hovering about 15ft above the road that they were on. Colin in a scared tone shouted to Gary to go underneath it, so Gary put his foot down in order to build up enough speed so that the car could go successfully beneath the strange craft. A weird black shimmering curtain of some sort and a strange feeling suddenly started to happen to the car as they went beneath the object, some sort of darkness and then light came.

Both Colin and Gary felt the car was in the air then all of a sudden they were back on the road again. They both noticed that two hours of time had passed and could not be accounted for, ( this information has been brought about through regression hypnosis which both men had ). To this day, both men believe that creatures with skeleton features took them from there car that night and into a spaceship and experimented on.




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