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Area 51

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Are there recovered alien spacecraft and bodies

in the possession of the US military?

 USGS Aerial Photo of Area 51

Some people believe that such items are stored within America’s most top-secret military installation. Known as Area 51, this stretch of barren desert in Nevada is home to a mystery, which the authorities are forbidden to discuss. What lies behind the barbed wire fences and forbidding no-entry signs?


Area 51 is a top-secret military air base located approximately ninety-five miles north of Las Vegas in a region known as Groom Lake. Officially Area 51 does not exist. Its name appears on no civil or military maps. However, surrounding the base are signs, which state that the use of deadly force is authorised on any intruders. A common rumour concerning Area 51 is that it is a storage facility for a total of nine recovered alien spacecraft and that these are being reverse engineered in order to unlock their secrets.


White Jeep Cherokees patrol the border.

Although it’s virtually impossible to travel within 30 miles of the site without being arrested, few people have managed to sneak a glimpse of Area 51. They have reported strange nocturnal activities, and have seen bright lights flying erratically through the night skies. Locals have christened the area “Dreamland”.



Over the past ten years there have been numerous reports of odd activity in the night skies around Groom Lake. These range from accounts of brightly coloured flying saucers to stories of strange futuristic aeroplanes. Whatever the truth of the matter, the US military have made it their business to ensure that unwanted bystanders never get too close to their activities.

Topographic maps of Groom Lake show little more than scattered mountain ranges, a dry lake bed and assorted unimproved roads criss-crossing the desert terrain. The Las Vegas Sectional Aeronautical Chart published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for navigation purposes, offers no indication of landing strips or military facilities on or near the lakebed.


[Robert Lazar (7k)]


Physicist Robert Lazar claimed that the government had been flight-testing alien spacecraft at a secret facility south of Groom Lake back in 1979, this attracted swarms of curious observers to the area, including a number of television crews. Clearly this unwanted attention had proven irritating to the Air Force.

Stories of alien spacecraft in the hands of the US military date back to the 1940`s when Colonel William Blanchard of Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that the Army had recovered a crashed flying saucer from the New Mexico desert. Despite later denials, the press release made reporters around the world sit up and take notice.


Further evidence for the captured alien spacecraft theory comes from a controversial document leaked anonymously in the form of an undeveloped roll of 35mm film, to movie director Jamie Shandera in December 1984. the film was found to contain images of a briefing document which had apparently been prepared for then-incoming President Dwight D. Eisenhower on behalf of President Truman. This document, bearing the date of November 1952, is known among UFO researchers as the “MJ-12” or “Majestic 12” document. It describes the recovery of a crashed UFO and alien bodies in New Mexico and says that a covert analytical effort organised by General Nathan Twining and Dr.Vannevar Bush had been set up to investigate the matter. However, even within UFO research community, the authenticity of the MJ-12 document is hotly debated.


In October 1993, almost nine years after seizing some 89,000 acres of public land surrounding Groom Lake, the US Air Force requested that the interior Department close the last publicly accessible sites from which the base is visible. The reason for the Air Force’s sudden need for heightened security has never been made public.


Area 51 is home to Americans state of the art fighter aircraft technology such as the F-117 and the SR-71 and other reconnaissance aircraft, which are based there. Other aircraft based there are the SR-72, U-2, TR-34 and the latest Stealth project known as the “Aurora Project”.

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