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Electronic Voice Phenomena

What Is Electronic Voice Phenomena? (EVP)

Also known as Extremely Low Voice Phenomena, it is something science has recognized as existing, but are unable to explain where or who the speaking is coming from. The first person to discover this? The man who invented the first voice recorder. Thomas Edison.   

This is what we know... 

  • Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP occur when voices or unusual utterances are captured on an audio recording device without the person making the recording being aware of these sounds at the time. Often the sounds are audible only upon playback, and some believe that these can be a form of paranormal manifestation.
  • The Human voice range is from 300 Htz to 3000 Htz. 

Most spirits have been recorded well below 300 Htz, ruling out someone else in the background making noise or whispering off camera. 3000, and 300 are the extreme ends. No one human alive has yet to hit either end, yet, we get EVP's every day that fall anywhere from the 0 to 300 Htz range. 

We believe that Spirits/Ghosts are able to "Speak" briefly by using their energy imprint onto a magnetic strip. The same kind we use in cassette recorders. Even better are digital recorders because ghosts being energy can manipulate and record their voice in the range of the microphone. 

Ask them a question, and use a simple tape recorder with an external microphone to listen to the answers. We have yet to hear a ghost carry on a full conversation on tape, but if you're lucky, you'll get up to a full sentence on tape. (EVP)



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