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The Bob Taylor Report
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The Bob Taylor Report.

Type: Close Encounter of the Fourth kind.

Place: Livingston, West Lothian, Dechmond, Law Forest, Scotland U.K.

Date: November 9th 1979


One morning like anyother, sixty-one year old Bob Taylor who worked for the forest department in the Dechmond Law Forest, was doing his daily tasks in the forest when suddenly, as he walked into a clearing in the forest there in front of him was a metalic dome shaped object. As Bob looked at the shape in wonder, two metalic contraptions with small spikes, being the only way to describe them extended from the mysteriuos object. This is all Bob Taylor can remember as he went unconscious a few seconds later.

When he awoke, he found that as well as having a raging thirst, that several hours had passed and the sun was beginning to set. As he made his way home, still unaware as to what had happened to him, he discovered that his trousers were in shreds.

This made Bob contact the authorities as he believed that he had been abducted. The police went to investigate the place where Bob had said this abduction had took place and they found strange markings on the ground near to where Bob was standing. These markings found could have been done by a machine or forestry equiptment, which as the police put in there report is exactly what they were, making this the official so called explanation as to what had happened to Bob Taylor that day. However, some people say that the police did ask the forestry department to examine there equipment, they were all in perfect condition, hardly used as they had only just been bought a few days before.

There are other explanations... some say that it could of been a mirage of the planet Venus, or that Bob Taylor had suffered a mild stroke of some sort. But Bob was never fitter for a man his age.

What happened that day is still a mystery

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Lee Broadstock - Truth Seekers Midlands