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Investigation: The Yoxall Crop Formation

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The Express & Star newspaper reported to UFO Research Midlands that a crop circle had appeared on the 21st of May 1998 in a small village near Kings Bromley just outside Lichfield. As a group researcher I was asked if I was interested in heading to this location to investigate the report.

At 7:50pm a colleague and myself headed to Yoxall and Old Hall Farm to try to find the location of this crop formation and take some photographs.

I was hoping to find and interview Mr J Sargent who had reported seeing on the 19th of May 1998 at approximately 10:45pm-11: 00pm Bright Lights in the sky and over the crop circle that had appeared on the A151 at Old Hall Farm at Yoxall the following day. Mr Sargent was a construction worker who was working on repairs to the nearby bridge, and in site of the field in which the crop circle had appeared.

On arrival at the location I met the owner of the land, Mr John Hodgetts and his wife Pam who were quite willing to talk to me, they offered me a cup of tea and spent some time telling me how they had discovered the crop formation. Mr Hodgetts had been out with a friend that morning (20th May) Mrs Hodgetts had been told by a neighbour. She then got in touch John who told her to report it to the local police. They were not interested in any publicity but wanted to stop anyone getting onto his field and destroying anymore of his crop.

The police then forwarded this information to the newspapers and also central television who had all visited the site because Mr Hodgetts was now getting a little fed up with the media coverage.

John told me that he did not believe in UFO's or Aliens, but could not explain how the crop formation was done in the dark, without being seen by any passing motorists. He went on to say that his neighbour and friend had heard a loud Whoosh noise on the evening of the 19th of May, the same night the circle had formed; he thought that his tyres on his car had all gone down. He came running out of his house, but he could not see anything.

The construction site on the bridge was closed so I was unable to interview Mr J Sargent on the lights that he had reportedly seen on the night of the 19th over the field. Although I have since returned to the site I still have not been able to interview Mr Sargent.


The crop formation was very impressive and could clearly be seen from the main road. I did manage to take several photographs from various angles including the construction workers site showing the clear view of the crop formation.


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