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Investigation: UFO Sighting over Dawley

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On Tuesday 28th of October 1997, six witnesses all reported seeing two bright white lights in the evening sky, Weather conditions were clear (no clouds visible). Time of sighting: 8:30pm. All six witnesses were interviewed on Saturday 1st of November 1997, at there home in Dawley, Telford.

Mr Close, 28, was the first to be interviewed. He reported seeing two lights moving quickly across the sky as he watched through binoculars on his doorstep. When asked to describe in his own words what he had seen, he said, " I was alerted by friends, who were already outside looking up at these lights in the sky, I came out of my house and there they were". He added" There were two bright white lights moving quickly from left to right across the sky, it was about 8:30pm Tuesday night, there was no sound, I ran back into the house to get my binoculars, then watched them through those. I could see the first light flashing a couple of times then it vanished".

Mrs Simcox

(Next to be interviewed) confirmed Mr Close's story. She said," The first light flashed a couple of times then vanished, leaving just the one light in the sky. That light then flashed two or three times then split into two separate lights". They were visible for about 3-4 minutes.

They estimated the object's height to be in between 500-1000 metres from the ground, No vapour trail was seen.

One witness, who didn't want to be named, told us that she had phoned the local police station just after the sighting to tell them what she had just seen, And to see if anyone else had reported anything. The police had had no other calls that night. Then at about 9:45-10pm, there was a knock at the door. Two men dressed in suits asked her and her husband a couple of questions about what she had saw, they told the couple that it was a training exercise and what they had seen was a military helicopter, and told them not to mention it or there visit by the two men to anyone. I jokingly asked if they thought the Men in Black had visited them. They told me, that they had told them, they were from the Government.

This interview was video taped and handed over to UFO Research Midlands along with the witnesses reports for investigation

If you have had a similar sighting please contact us at the link below.

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